With everything in place

Posted by CheriseSu on January 5th, 2017

With everything in place, we waited for the day of the march.When it came, players were assembling uniforms, banners and weapons. We arranged for everyone to meet at a sawmill northeast of Varrock, storm through the F2P worlds and swap to a members’ world. This was when I would transfer the Dragon Chainmail to Sabrewulf3. Suddenly, a message popped up: Dabestkillaz would like to trade with you. This was it. The Dragon Chainmail appeared in the chat window and I immediately clicked accept. It was finally mine! This might seem like madness to current players, but at the time it was one of the best and rarest pieces of armour in the game. I wore it and swapped worlds where, much to my and Flameguy3's surprise, a Player Mod was in waiting. I was shaking: could the mod know what we were doing? Was my account about to be banned for scamming people?

I messaged Flameguy3 and he had the same reaction. Was the plan completely screwed? Saw the thread on tip.it, can't wait to join in. I breathed a sigh of relief: the mod just wanted to march with us, but it meant that the transfer of the Dragon Chainmail had to be even more inconspicuous. With everyone gathered at the meeting point, we set off and stormed the F2P lands as planned before making the switch to the members world. We got into the wilderness, a cover for Sabrewulf3 to escape with the Dragon Chainmail and for me to  die  and lose the precious gear.Sabrewulf3 and I ran to a secluded spot away from the fighting. I took the armour off and made the trade with him. Afterwards he teleported to Varrock bank, waiting for me. I ran back to the battle, where Flameguy3 killed 4rsgold. Dabestkillaz was somewhere in the midst, completely unaware of what was going on. A while later, the battle ended and everyone dispersed. I met back up with Sabrewulf3 and gave him the other half of his 50k for the Dragon Chainmail and his help. Dabestkillaz messaged me afterwards to meet up and get his Dragon Chainmail back. Oh i pk'd and died in wildy and forgot. Dabestkillaz was furious. He immediately cottoned on that we had run off with it, logged out of his account, joined Tip.it and started to post about how Flameguy5 and I scammed him. We denied it all as nonsense and an accident, and because we had been members of the community for over a year we actually got him banned. We blocked him in-game, made off with the Dragon Chainmail and split the profits 50/50.

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