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LED submersible lights in the application of musical fountain advantages

Posted by xinyuanhui023 on January 6th, 2017

Fountain submersible lights in recent years the continuous development of the fountain to the lighting project to bring new light and innovation, LED underwater lights are high energy-saving environmental protection lights, fountain lighting project more colorful.

submersible lights is a musical fountain in the fountain will use one of the devices currently on the market is the most commonly used LED underwater lights. LED relative to ordinary submersible lights have a key advantage.

Light-emitting diode (LED) arrays have long life, bright color, penetrability and environmental durability, and can be used for long-term and efficient work, and can adapt to the frequent start of musical fountain. Therefore, in optical applications, The more widely used. Such as urban light engineering, traffic instructions, fountain submersible lights, and so places have been a large number of applications.

submersible lightsuse array power supply, the ordinary constant voltage power supply to constant power supply, so that the flow through the LED array constant current in the LED rated current range, greatly improving the reliability of power supply to meet the LED on the high power requirements , To ensure that the service life, safety, energy saving, no accidents, the general need to use voltage 12-24V, power consumption 3-5W.

LED submersible lights in the use of musical fountain, so that the fountain of water posture, color is more fantastic and varied.

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