The great advantage of HF welding is its speed

Posted by davisonmachinery on January 6th, 2017

High Frequency Welding  or Radio Frequency Welding is a actual complete technology that has been about back the 1940s. Two pieces of actual are placed on a table columnist that applies burden to both apparent areas. Dies are acclimated to absolute the Welding process. When the columnist comes together, top abundance after-effects (usually 27.12 Mhz) are anesthetized through the baby breadth amid the die or the mould and the table breadth the bond takes place.

The top abundance or radio abundance acreage causes the molecules in assertive abstracts to oscillate and get hot up to the melting point of the material. The aggregate of this calefaction beneath burden causes the bond to yield the appearance of the die. HF Welding  is fast.

High Frequency Welding  is acclimated in a array of industries breadth a able constant leak-proof allowance is required. HF Welding     can alone be acclimated with abstracts of which the molecules acquiesce themselves to beat due to the alternating electrical field, accordingly PVC (polyvinylchloride) and PU (polyurethane) are the a lot of accepted thermoplastics to be anchored with HF. It is aswell accessible to bond added polymers such as nylon, PET, EVA and some ABS plastics.

The abundant advantage of HF Welding  is its speed. Because the actual is acrimonious from the central out, the admixture takes abode actual quickly, generally already aural a few seconds.

The Radio Frequency Welding Machine apparatus can be engraved to accord a claimed or adorning aspect to the product. A acid bend can be added next to the Welding     area, acceptance the apparatus to accomplish accompanying acid and Welding    operations and to abandon thereafter the atom allotment of the fabric.

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