Keeping Love Alive In Long Distance Relationships

Posted by Sex Games on January 9th, 2017

Earlier, we used to think that relationships are restricted only to couples who stay close to each other. However, when your better half would be another country for working or studying, there was hardly any way for making relationships work.

However, ingenious app makers or ever flourishing technology have introduced mobile sex games, and these make sex just a click away.

There are many long distance relationships and managing love life becomes difficult. In such cases, mobile sex games  prove to be a blessing for couples. Favor the relationship by trying all these sexy games. There are various ways of keeping the love evergreen.

Chat applications and social media messaging

Just a Wi-Fi connection, phone and data plan is needed. Composing sexy messages will help in conveying physical intimacy. Be detailed and racy and send messages part by part. For instance, the 1st 4 word can be sent through social media, while the 2nd one can be sent through the other mediums. Continue this till the whole message is sent; it helps in teasing and exciting.

Adult entertainment

It is good to use video call apps like Skype or Hangouts and a time and date can be set for watching an adult movie together. The same movie must be watched by obtaining a copy or streaming it together. However, the movie must fall in the adult category and it helps in getting aroused. Mobile sex games must be accompanied with this, to add to the excitement.

Photo tease

Teaser photos must be sent, for instance, random body parts etc. When body parts aren’t recognizable, it will mislead the partner and he/she will crave for more and more. When the photo of shoulder or the butt is sent, it will surely tease the other half. Take efforts and make the partner guess which body part it is.

Bare it all

After those photo teasers are sent and when the right part is guessed, you might feel like revealing some or the other part of the body. This surprise can really entice your lover. Keep sending sexy intimate parts pictures one after the other.

Play and play

Obviously, you need to play some sexy games! There are various mobile sex games that can be played by 2 of you. You should try and take a lead over your partner. Sometimes, you can also play sexual marathon or a blow-job game. The winner will get a chance of selecting sexual prize as per his/her wish.

Talk dirty

Voice mails were used in the past. However, these days with chat applications, voice notes and voice mails have made a comeback. Dirty talk and sexy messages can be sent to the lover. For instance, moaning sounds can be sent as it becomes all the more interesting.

All these small things give an enhanced sexual experience; don’t miss these.

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