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Posted by john roone on January 10th, 2017

In this unstable and stressful world every single person is searching for the stability and peace, but it is really hard to get this. Human being is trapped in this world with many distractions which so not let them to be relaxed. A person work all day to earn for him and his family then he spends his remaining time with family friends, these things could not give him a space or peace of mind because he does not have time to think about anything else.

We all know that we cannot find that tranquility, if we do not give some time to ourselves. Whoever got enlightenment, he went to the God shelter. We all need to get some meditation time and knowledge of human behavior so that we could get what we want. Holy places are the cure for the disease of instability and disturbance, at those places you will be able to complete your search for peace of mind. A person who have faith in God who can never be disappointed.

A church is a place where people go to get some sanctity and tranquility. Many communities formed to encourage humans to show their belief, love and to know about him. Like this, a community is formed in victory to victory church, which leads to people in a right direction where they must move with life.

The church is non- denominational, nobody is obstructed to visit it. They just spread love and believe in love and Lord. They are the believer of the sanctity of marriages and families, and build a strong relation among family by their teachings. Throughout many years, various events such as drama, concerts, picnics, fun days, interactive sessions and many others held with the participants. Douglas Goodman conduct many programs for all age group to enlighten them about the supremacy of God and the deeds which should be followed by the people.

At that holy place you will find a warm welcoming environment, where people treated equally. And a very interesting thing about church is that you will have a friendly and family atmosphere. They welcome everyone regardless of their color, culture and nationality.

By joining that community you will get love, knowledge and much more, the sermons ofErica Goodman encourage people to have a happy and loving life and provide vision of Lord that he has given that body to fulfill the will of God. Their mission is to unite people so that the desolation and division of people shall not stand. They are trying to break the illusion of failure, fear and defeat by spreading God's words.


For more information please visit victory to victory church


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