The Fact About The Growth Of Pentecostals

Posted by pentecostallifechurch on January 10th, 2017

According to various researches, Pentecostals are the rapidly growing group that has spread its wing all across the world. The fact is that Pentecostalism is a type of Christianity that pays special emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit and the direct experiences of the presence of God by the believers. The people who follow Pentecostalism are of the opinion that faith needs to be powerfully experimental and cannot be just discovered through thinking or performing any kind of ritual.

Pentecostalism is actually based on an important occasion in the life of the early Christians, which is the baptism of the twelve disciples by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Pentecostalism is extremely dynamic and energetic. The members of this group are of the opinion that the power of God moving within them is what drives them. United Pentecostal church Selma TX lays stress on the criticality of conversions that amount to a Baptism in the Spirit. The process actually fills the followers with the Holy Spirit, giving the followers the strength for living a truly Christian life.

Gifts of the Spirit reveal the direct experience of God in the form of healing, prophecy and speaking in tongues. In the West, Pentecostalism is widely prevalent, Pentecostal church in Selma TX being one of them. The fact is that one of the largest churches in the world, which provides seats to put up 250,000 people every Sunday, the Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, South Korea, is a Pentecostal church.

During the past three decades of the twentieth century, Pentecostalism has grown strongly and there are now approximately 250 million Pentecostals across the world, who formulates more than 10 percent of all Christians. But some of the writers and researchers are of the opinion that there may be more than 500 millions Pentecostalism followers all across the globe.

It may not always be simple for deciphering whether a church is Pentecostal due to the reason that large numbers of Pentecostal denominations do not include the world ‘Pentecostal’ in their name. The reality is that Pentecostalism is not a church in itself, but actually a movement that include varied forms of churches, one such Pentecostal church being Pentecostal church in Garden Ridge TX. It is also a movement for reviving or renewing within other denominations.

Most Pentecostals believe that their movement is putting back Christianity to a simple and pure form of Christianity that is extremely similar to the very earliest stage in the life of the Christian church!


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