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Posted by Brian Miller on January 10th, 2017

When you are at home, you want to feel as comfortable as possible and enjoy some much needed peace and quiet whenever you desire. The problem is that this is not possible without a proper Noise Reduction solution installed into your home – preferably on your floor and walls. If you are also worried about spills damaging your floor, it would be wise to invest in a floor that is Water Resistant flooring as well – cork is a fantastic idea as it brings both properties to you in one go.

The most interesting fact that you need to know about cork tiles is that they can be installed on your walls and on your floor to ensure that you benefit from a significant level of Noise Reduction. In a word, if you have cork flooring and tiles installed on your walls, you greatly reduce any noises made around the house. Children can be playing in the room next to you and you can go to sleep without any trouble. Interesting enough, besides Noise Reduction, cork can also act as an insulator.

So, this means that at the end of each month, you will pay less on heating or cooling bills because you don’t have to keep the heat or the air conditioning on for longer. The ambient temperature will not dissipate as quickly as if you were to have other types of floors in your home. You can be certain of the fact that when you enter a room that has a cork floor, it will be warmer or cooler than you would expect. Cork floors are gorgeous, especially if you maintain them properly.

You should consider investing in Water Resistant flooring – which cork flooring known to be – to make sure that you can benefit from all the advantages it has to offer, including the fact that spills will not damage its appearance. You can make a cork floor even more resistant to spills if you apply a polypropylene or similar based finish. You might need one or more coats of finish, depending on the area where the floor is installed and on what the distributor tells you.

Water Resistant cork flooring is great for every room of the house, especially the kitchen, where you spill water and whatnot without even realising it. It is also a fantastic option for households with pets. The best part of it all is that you can wipe it right away without any trouble. There will be no smells, no stains and no damage. Make sure that you talk to the provider about the room where you intend on installing your cork floor. If it’s the kitchen, you could use both floating or glue down floors. But, in the bathroom, you need a glued down floor.

Would you like to come across the best possible Noise Reduction option that will allow you to make your home feel more like your own? If the answer is yes, you should know that you can learn all about our cork tiles and flooring options, including Water Resistant flooring by paying our website a visit today!

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