What Is the Best Battery Saver App?

Posted by sora on January 11th, 2017

best android battery saver

Purify is a tiny and beautiful android battery saver application that can optimize your android phone’s battery performance. It is the best battery saver app for it can detect which other applications are idle and trying to auto start in the background i.e applications which slow down your phone's running speed and cause a memory leak. Purify app will automatically block them thus contributing to the improvement of your phone's battery life hence boosting its running speed. That said here are its features.


This app can manage all notifications and offer you clean and clear notification bar. Thus it can wipe out notifications in large numbers enabling them to display as normal. With the absence of the unwanted notifications your phone’s menu performance will be utilized fully.

The apps whitelist

There are certain types of applications that you may be willing to keep running regardless of your phone's battery consumption. Thus you can add them into purifying app whitelist as it will never intervene in their running performance.


This app also has logs from where you can be able to see how many applications were purified, how much of RAM memory was saved as well as how many notifications were archived. Thus being an android battery saver and the best battery saver app, purify app can provide you with all these information.

A powerful recharge screen locker

Once you enable the recharge screen locker in the settings you’ll be able to know the status of real weather and recently used applications. Additionally, you'll be able to set a timer that will automatically clean the junks off your phone thus giving you more space.


Purify application highlights the various sources which put the battery life of your android device down. By tapping on its diagnosis button you’ll be able to terminate these applications to increase your Smartphone’s battery life.

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