I agree the community is divided

Posted by CheriseSu on January 12th, 2017

A finished, and balanced EOC would be a big selling point. right now all 3 combat styles have abilities that mirror the other ones. some combat styles make it hard to even fill an action bar. More abilities need to be added so that builds can vary and become more personalized, especially with this new attention to pvp type content. i could go on an on about it..I don't hate EOC but it definitely feels unfinished and the builds forced.

No one can be sure but i feel the mtx heavy trend over the past few years is a fad. Even the avid TH supporters can only justify spending so much. I myself have begun trying to ween myself off of such content. I believe Runescape will outlive the mtx craze that most all popular games offer in at least one way or another. At which point it will become especially important to bring in new players and new members. The jagex team is more than capable of doing this but must not feel it is currently a priority.

I agree the community is divided, but is such the nature of such a large game. The open sandbox feel does not herd players through specific channels and activities so the population is spread out. I have no trouble running in to people on more populated worlds. Granted many minigames are dead, but that is because not enough people wish to play them, not that there isn't enough players to play them. Many games, even some popular mmos function almost entirely on instances. With less diversity in activites and strong emphasis on party systems many of these games may feel more populated, when in fact it is quite the opposite.

Jagex has already laid down so much foundation for runescape that it will be hard for it to ever completly slip in to oblivion. All it would take is one or a few really strong updates or overhauls to completly change 4rsgold this perception. The only problem is no matter what you do you're going to make some people unhappy. And jagex tries hard, maybe a bit too hard, to not make waves especially with existing content.

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