What Is The Best Dental Care For Adults?

Posted by myserenesmiles on January 12th, 2017

The best dental care for adults is a combination of daily habits and regular visits to the dentist.  It is just as important for adults as it is for children to take good care of their teeth to ensure that they have good dental health late in life.   You only get one set of teeth and it is important to take care of them so that you can eat without any complications as you age. 

What are the daily habits all adults should follow with their teeth?

It is important for adults to follow a daily regime of brushing their teeth after meals and at bedtime.    Brush with a soft bristled brush and talk to your dentist about the best methods for brushing including electric toothbrushes, water irrigation, and the latest technology.  Use toothpaste with fluoride in it to protect the enamel on your teeth.  Flossing your teeth once a day will also keep your mouth healthy.  Try to avoid sweets as much as possible and don’t smoke as this also causes complications for our teeth.  Without these healthy daily habits plaque and tartar can build up and lead to a host of problems. 

Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to complications like:

  • Gingivitis:  swollen, painfully inflamed, and bleeding gums. 
  • Periodontitis :  damage to the structures that support the teeth including ligaments and bone.  This can lead to loss of teeth. 
  • Cavities:  holes in the teeth   
  • Health problems like painful abscesses in the mouth, heart disease, or early labor in pregnant women.    

The Importance of Regular Visits to the Dentist:

It is important to also schedule regular checkups with your dentist so that they can do preventative maintenance and additional cleaning before any problems can occur.  Visiting a dentist regularly will catch problems early and save you from losing your teeth prematurely.  Communicate with your dentist about any pain you may be experiencing when brushing or eating and they can provide helpful advice that will help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy well into your adult life.