Good Tips To Start A NGO!

Posted by Jack Levi on January 12th, 2017

There are several new activists who are all set to commit their lives to a social cause. Some are even ready for sacrificing every possible thing for it. However, majority of these newbies won’t be found anywhere after a few months.

However, there is no need of turning the volume of enthusiasm down if these tips are followed while starting an NGO. You can even join some NGO before so as to get some strong experience on hand. This will surely direct and resolve your strengths.

May be you might find that NGOs are not as bad as you think.

  1. Start right

The main job of the leader is to make himself obsolete. The main goal of all the NGOs is to become obsolete. You must strive hard to work well towards the job. There are 2 levels of being obsolete. When it comes to personal involvement, the NGO must be taken to such a point, wherein it functions independently without any sort of leadership. The main goal of the NGO is solving problems. When this practice is followed, more and more people can be helped profoundly and ever minute can be enjoyed. If control is maintained, there would be development of dependencies and once these things start, stopping them is hard. With dependencies, NGO volunteers can feel trapped and sometimes negative impact is left on people.

  1. Goals must be clarified

Achievable and clear goals must be set for the NGO and also for yourself. “Ending world hunger” is a very good goal and looks good on the T-shirt of the NGO, but can you seriously solve this problem? A niche problem should be found and something small must be picked.  For instance, a teacher volunteer programs can be started.

  1. An action plan must be made

The main action is making the NGO effective and addressing all negative impacts; ensure that the NGO attracts volunteers and donors. Make sure that you follow whatever you start. The action plan should be followed thoroughly. Hard work is essential, but without it, good plans are a waste of money and time.

  1. A website must be made

Making a website for the NGO is a great thing. It helps in securing funding, attracting volunteers, spreading the word and establishing professional relation. With interactive website, the need for micro managing and meetings is reduced. Being concise and clear is extremely important. Sometimes, NGO sites get free hosting and you must ask around for it. There are many NGO programs in India  which make use of this service.

  1. Knowledge is important

For all NGOs, local knowledge is very important. Doing research and making contacts is extremely essential. Solid understanding of locals is very important especially if foreign culture is what you wish to follow. With local knowledge, NGO becomes all the more effective.

  1. Financial needs must be assessed

Usually, NGO requires a lot of paperwork and assessment of finances. There is a direct relation between the funding of the NGO and the work quality.

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