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When to choose SEO consulting over PPC

Posted by broadplacead on January 12th, 2017

The majority of businesses are aware of the importance of internet marketing in today’s marketplace and how it can help them to succeed, but not many know which type of internet marketing is best for them. There are a number of different internet marketing strategies which can be used, but generally, it is search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click advertising (PPC) that they will have heard of. Although they have similarities, these two methods are very different and each has their own set of benefits. Here is a closer look at when your business should opt for SEO over PPC.

Both strategies involve making your company highly visible on search engine results lists. It is vital that you appear near the top of these lists, as modern day consumers use search engines as the first port of call. Users rarely click past the first few results and almost never onto the second page. Through SEO, you will rise through the organic results and this is important as these are deemed particularly trustworthy. PPC, meanwhile, uses an advert that appears in the sponsored results; although these are not used as often as organic, they are still highly visible and this is a great way to quickly direct traffic to your website.

You should opt for SEO consulting over PPC consulting if time is not too much of an issue and if you want to develop your brand as a reliable and authoritative business in your particular industry. Rising through the search engine results lists can take time with SEO, plus your positioning can fluctuate. However, by appearing near the top, it will show you to be a key player in your industry - this can do wonders for your reputation, as well as direct more traffic to your company website.

You should also consider your industry type and size. If you are a small company in an industry that is especially competitive and contains famous brands, it is unlikely that you will appear ahead of these competitors. If your industry is smaller and not as competitive, SEO is a superb tool as you can assert your authority and appear at the top of the results lists.

Many businesses like to use both SEO and PPC together as their internet marketing strategy; this is beneficial as it can deliver excellent results in both the short and long term. In order for any of these strategies to be beneficial, all businesses must also have a high-quality and informative website that reflects your brand identity. When you have all of this, it can transform your business and ensure that you are easily found when a consumer is searching for a product/service that you can provide them.

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