How to Go About Cleaning Patio Chairs?

Posted by Steven Smith on January 13th, 2017

Knowing the best as well as the simplest way to clean your patio chairs has lots to do with the type of patio chairs you have because different materials have to be cleaned differently. Here's a look at what you need to know before you begin setting up your cleaning plans.

What Kind of Chairs Do You Have?


Wicker Patio Chairs

Wicker patio chairs appear to be able to get dirty very easily than other patio chairs. For the reason that, these chairs are made up of all those reeds woven together and any dust and dirt that is airborne looks to find a new home amid those reeds. Before you see it, your good-looking new pieces can appear to be a bit dingy and glum.

The good news is that wicker is a relatively easy type of patio seats to clean. If you have a pressure washer (1200-1350 psi), you can simply use this as your essential cleaning tool. Just add a bit of soap and water with the blend and let it go. Ensure to use the lowest setting on the pressure cleaner, though. You would not like to go overboard as well as rip your patio chairs apart.

If you have not got a pressure washer, that is not a problem; you can make use of a garden hose in a similar manner, scouring in the soap and water mixture plus then washing it plus making it clean. Once it's clean, let it completely dry. This can take a day or more.

Wood Patio Chairs

Wood is also pretty simple to clean in patio chairs. These could be cleaned with the similar soap and water mixture that you can use on wicker chairs. Just use a clean cloth or soft brush to put on the soap and water then rinse it clean.

Fabric Patio Chairs

Many fabric patio chairs come in a relatively convenient to clean approach. They have zips that let you take the covering off of the cushions and place them in the washing machine.

Metal Patio Chairs

If you have patio chairs made up of iron, steel or aluminum then cleaning them is not that difficult. For the most part, a soap plus water mixture would do the trick. If you stay near the beach or in an area wherein you think corrosion might be a threat to your fixtures, you might want to look for the wax to coat the chairs and other furniture with that to avoid corrosion.

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