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Posted by CraftVatika on January 13th, 2017

Buying a house is considered as one of the biggest goals of life. When you have finally purchased your dream home, you would want to decorate it in your own unique style. Home decor not only helps you set up a room and establish a theme, but also adds an element of your personality to it. You can add some elements such as clocks, sculptures, artwork, paintings, photo frames, and lightings to create a balance and enhance the beauty of your house. It will make your home look lively and inviting. 

Statues and sculptures are considered to be some of the best decorative items out there. While some people like to place the statues and sculptures of idols for religious reasons, others keep them for decorative purposes. In any case, a beautiful sculpture of a religious idol adds to the beauty of a house. 

One of the most famous statues is of Lord Krishna worshipped in the Hindu religion. The sculptures and statues of Lord Krishna are usually carved out in wood, marble, ceramic and other materials. Many people keep the Lord Krishna statues for worshipping while others just place it as a part of the décor of a room. Being a symbol of a religion, people refrain from keeping the statues of Lord Krishna in their bedroom and bathroom. 

You can heighten the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your new home with the statues and sculptures of Lord Krishna. It is auspicious to keep the statue of Lord Krishna in your home as these visual symbols always help you to remember the Supreme Being. The presence of this statue neutralizes the negative energy in the house and brings positive vibes. 

Laddu Gopal, Lord Krishna in his infant form, is said to bless the dwellers of a home bearing His statues with progeny and fortune. A beautiful little infant eating butter is often the most common statue you can find of Lord Krishna as Laddu Gopal. 

The placement of the statue is also important. Vastu Shastra, the Indian system of architecture, recommends having a statue of Lord Krishna with his love interest, Radha, to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. The colorfully painted and intricately-carved statues look mesmerizing and pleasing to the eye. It is the kind of thing that catches your eyes and captivates you. 

Some believe that placing a statue of Lord Krishna with just a flute attracts negative energy. However, this is just an old myth. Placing or worshipping Krishna in any form is always soothing and brings happiness and prosperity. The flute itself is considered auspicious to be kept in a home. The statue of Lord Krishna playing the flute is spellbinding and also brings in positive energy wherever it is placed. 

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