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Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery- Look Nice

Posted by thelineclinic on January 13th, 2017

A sharp little nose has got its share in making a face look nice. Beauty somewhat gets hindered if the shape of nose bridge is not good. Blunt nose does not look good on a woman and also on a man. There are many people who do not enjoy sharp nose from birth. By birth only they get blunt noses, and if that nose is accompanied by heavy cheeks then it really looks odd. Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery will help a person with unattractive nose shape (bridge) to get a visually attractive one. This will help that person look a better version of herself or himself naturally.

Make-up professionals talk about several techniques observed in make-up by help of which the nose can be made to look sharp and attractive. However, everybody knows this is just temporary and the moment makeup is washed off the real picture will get visible again. Therefore it is a good decision to opt for cosmetic surgery called Rhinoplasty so that permanently sharp-looking nose can be got forever.

One might have got very good face outline and other facial features very eye-catching. The ugly shape of Nose Bridge alone can overshadow the other positive features and attract negative the attention of other people to its bad shape. Then you get labeled as an ugly looking person. Do not give this chance to others and show them that with just the correction of your flawed nose shape, you can look better than many of them.

It is good to know that rhinoplasty is not always done for cosmetic purposes only. This is done to a person who suffers from breathing issues due to abnormal bone formation or enlargement in the nose. Deviated septum or large turbinates causes this. The enlarged bone causes hindrance to normal breathing procedure. The bone needs to be sharpened and this is doable only by surgical methods called Rhinoplasty.

It will be interesting to know facts on Rhinoplasty for people who are thinking about or about to go for this surgical method to reshape their noses. They are as follow

  • Rhinoplasty DOES NOT CHANGE VOICE IF DONE CORRECTLY. It is the real fact. If a really experienced and credible surgeon does rhinoplasty to you, then you will not undergo voice alteration post surgery.
  • Opt for doctors who are well trained in the art of rhinoplasty and gives importance to the wishes of her or his patients. Expertise and experience both matters. See how many operations they have actually done and what is the success rate.
  • Computer-generated nose models are NEVER done by really credible doctors. Experts will rely on just human touch.
  • Average cost of nose surgery is ,806 or around 3, 27,000/- in Indian rupees value.
  • Surgery takes between 1 to 2 hours
  • Small cast is required to be worn upto 5 days.
  • Rhinoplasty heals more rapidly in winter months.
  • Homeopathic herbs are used for recovery but no drugs are ever administered or allowed to take.

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