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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Your home badly needs various improvement works so that you can add modern facilities and also decorate it. But funds are hard to find. All those works now can be done almost instantly when you decide to take secured home improvement loan. One can utilize secured home improvement loan for various purposes like addition of bathroom and kitchen or new rooms, plumbing or roofing, painting, redecoration, refurnishing, adding a storey to the house. These home improvements result in a surge of your home?s capital value.

Being a secured loan, borrowers are required to furnish collateral to the loan provider. The collateral may consist of any of the borrower?s property such as home, bank account etc. Lenders get a sense of security about the loaned amount when they are offered collateral. In fact collateral plays a vital role in deciding over higher loan and the interest rate on it.

Normally lenders provide up to £250000 to the borrowers as secured home improvement loan. In the instances where greater loan is required, lender will see the equity in the collateral. Higher equity will enable borrower to take greater amount as the loan.

One can repay secured home improvement loan in the duration that suits him well as the loan is provided for 5 to 25 years. But the repayment term should be chosen carefully. You would not like to carry the loan burden for larger duration but at the same time monthly installments will be easier. Availing the loan for shorter term may help you clear the debt early but monthly installments will be higher and the interest rate may also be a bit higher. So chose the repayment term keeping in mind your financial position.

Secured Home Improvement Loan comes cheaper at lower interest rate. However, borrowers should make efforts to avail at further lowered rate by comparing different loan packages that are offered by loan providers online.

Borrowers having bad credit history also take secured home improvement loan, though they may face a slight disadvantage in higher interest rate. These borrowers should try to improve their credit report by adding new development, like paying off easy debts, in it. Lenders consider credit score of 620 and above as risk free for offering the loan.

Pay secured home improvement loan installments regularly so that you escape incurring debts. Also you should avoid taking a loan of greater amount if your financial standing does not allow it.

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