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Posted by CheriseSu on January 17th, 2017

This guide will have a few different F2P runescape gold making methods. They are ALL F2P. Some of these methods are common while others aren't as common. Perhaps you'll find a new method in this guide. Feel free to add any other money making tips on this thread, F2P

METHOD #1: Great Orb Project.Requirements: 50 runecrafting (access to the runecrafting guild)Recommended: 50 runecraftingThe great orb project is a mini game found inside the runecrafting guild. Simply speak to wizard Acantha, or wizard Vief to join one of their teams. You will be grouped into groups of 2-5. The objective is to force your team's orb into the altar, at the end of each altar (6 altars per game, 2 minutes each), the winning team is the team with the most orbs wins and is awarded more tokens then the losing team for that altar. At the end of every game, you will be awarded tokens, the amount depending on the number of wins. Once the tokens have been awarded, spend them on "water talisman" in the runecrafting guild shop.Estimated cash:20k/hour - 300k/hour (depends on number of wins).

METHOD #2: Cutting Yew Logs.Requirements: 60 woodcutting, a hatchet.Recommended: 70+ woodcutting, rune hatchet.Cutting yew logs is a very common method. Just earn 60 woodcutting, then grab a hatchet (rune hatchet would be best) and find any yew tree to begin cutting yew logs. Once full, bank all of your logs and continue cutting. A recommended place to cut yew logs would be in between Lumbridge and Draynor (forest).Estimated cash: 60k/hour - 150k/hour (depends on location, hatchet, woodcutting level and number of people).

METHOD #3: Muddy Key Runs. Requirements: Some cash to begin with, a slashing weapon.Recommended: 100k+, food, a gem bag (2000 dungeoneering tokens), 12 woodcutting, and 40 defence.Suggested per inventory: 1 gem bag, 11 muddy keys, just drop the mithril daggers.Muddy keys are great for cash, though can also be risky. It requires running into level 45 wilderness. You must buy muddy keys from the grand exchange, they usually take a hour or two depending on how many you buy. Next you equip a slashing weapon (like a bronze dagger) and the number of desired muddy keys (usually 8 without gem bag and 18 with gem bag) and about 2 pieces of food. Then it is recommended to take a canoe to the wilderness then run to the lava maze, or start at edgeville then run north towards the lava maze. Once at the lava maze, navigate through to get to a chest which is guarded by a demon. Evade the demon and start taking items from the chest. If you have a gem bag, put the rubies into the gem bag. Drop the the mithril daggers. Then run out of the maze then teleport to home at level 20 wilderness (just run south). Should you encounter any pkers, log out to the lobby and switch worlds before they attack you. Then at Lumbridge bank, and repeat the trip. For further information on this, you can also research it a bit more.Estimated Cash: 90k/hour - 400k+/hour (GEM BAG MAKES HUGE DIFFERENCE)-Thank you memnoobship for helping me change a few things around with this method.

METHOD #4: Wine of ZamorakRequirements: 33 magic, law runes, and air staff.Recommended: 37 magic, law runes, air staff, and water runes.A temple is located just west of goblin village, and north of Falador. Equip your air staff, bring your law runes, and if you have them water runes (only if you have 37 magic). Try to bring as light equipment as possible. Run north to the chaos temple where there will be a wine of zamorak on the table that respawns about every 30 seconds. Do not just grab the wine as you will be attacked by the monks and will lose some stats. Select the tele-grab spell and use it on the wine to pick it up. Once your inventory is full, run bank to falador, or teleport back to falador. A note about this method is that there is often competition in this method. You will probably encounter another player or two also trying to collect the wines. It's recommended that you go to a less populated world. If you still encounter other players, negotiate with them about taking turns, or I hope you're fast at clicking the wine.Estimated Cash: 0k/hour - 200k/hour (depending on competition, if you're very unlucky you won't get any at all, so try to negotiate.

METHOD #5: Mining Iron Ores.Requirements: 15 mining, and a pickaxeRecommended: 20 mining, a rune pickaxe, a decent defense level, and 20 dungeoneering.Iron ores are much faster to mine then coal or gold, and is sometimes worth more. Iron ores also require less skills then coal or gold. Just simply train to 15 mining then go to Falador. Next to the party room which is in north-east falador, is a staircase leading downwards. Go down and you will enter the dwarven mines. You will be attacked by level 14 and 32 scorpions if your combat level isn't high enough. Find the iron ores, which should be north and in the center of the mine then just mine them from there. If you have 20 dungeoneering, you can enter the secret entrance which has a bank deposit where you could bank your ores instead of running to one of the Falador banks. Mine as many as you desire. Estimated Cash: 50k/hour - 140k/hour

METHOD #6 (suggested by Subcomfreak)Cutting Normal LogsRequirements: 1 Woodcutting, A Hatchet (rune would be best)Recommended: 1 woddcutting+, a rune hatchet.Where:Outside the Grand ExchangeWhen: When the prices of the logs are around 250!Why: These are much easier to cut than yew logs, it is also easily better runescape 2007 gold making than cutting yew logs IF you stay focused. If you like to make cash out of woodcutting while only clicking once every few minutes, then this method isn't for you. If you stay focused, they may add up to a load of cash!Money/hour = 75k - 150k/hour

METHOD #7 (Suggested by Subcomfreak)Cow HidesRequirements: None other than killing a cowRecommended: Steel Armour+, A Combat Level of 10+, Killing Cows at Beefy Bill (he can bank your cowhides with a fee of 10%)Where: Where there are cows, for example: East of Lumbridge Castle.When: When the cow hides are Old School RS Gold worth more than 350.Why:Cowhides may sound like a method made for lower levels, and is also very common, so why would I put it on here? When cowhides are worth about 350 gold pieces, it can add up to nearly 10k per inventory. Also since cows are level 2, one inventory may take less than 5 minutes!Money/hour = 50k - 150k/hour

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