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Best Platform to Compare SME Bank Accounts in Pakistan:

Posted by Mawazna on January 17th, 2017

The SMEs, or Small and medium enterprises, hold a critical place of importance in the economic and social growth of emerging markets such as Pakistan. They play an important role in creating jobs, generating income for people and contribute to the development of a dynamic private sector. Perhaps this is the reason why banks, financial institutions, and even the government work tirelessly to come up with financial products that suit the specific needs of SMEs so they can work and prosper, in turn getting the economy to prosper too. It is therefore, quite logical that there are many kinds of banking products out there, designed for SMEs and startups. If you own such an enterprise and are planning to open an SME bank account in Pakistan, make sure you compare different options available in the market on

Why to compare SME bank accounts online on

Doesn’t matter if you are a mature business or merely a start-up, it is likely that you will require robust banking services and support to manage your transactions. This is where SME bank accounts come in. They are designed to include features that are perfect for the way such enterprises operate. But with the availability of many options, it becomes crucial that you compare SME bank accounts effectively and evaluate the pros and cons of every feature being offered. Doing this online lets you check every aspect while making an efficient use of your time. This way, you can get information about all the options available in the market at one place and can even uncover deals that you would have otherwise missed. explores every bank and its SME bank account product line in Pakistan and outlines every relevant detail for you in an easy-to-understand format. This way you can compare different options and choose the best SME bank account for your business. 

How to compare SME bank accounts online on

  • When trying to compare SME bank accounts, start by using the sorting menu and choose options that suit your needs. For example, you may want to open an account based on opening balance. This way, you will be presented with a list of products that are exactly suitable for your requirements, thus saving your time and efforts.
  • Carefully read the fine print, beyond the features and benefits of each product. Also, look at the downsides of the bank and consider whether you would want to work with that service provider or not. For example, a particular bank may be providing you with lots of free facilities, like complimentary lockers and personalized checkbooks, but remember - no lunch is free. Maybe they are charging more interest as compared to others. Choose wisely!  
  • Every bank account product comes with its own operative terms and conditions. Minimum balance, limits on number of transactions, penalties and service charges, priority support features and more - carefully go through each of these and determine whether the product is suitable for your needs.

When comparing SME bank accounts, presents you with the full picture so you end up with the best product in terms of your requirements. Make the most of this awesome service to fine tune your financial decisions.

About the Company is a financial services & products comparison platform based in Pakistan. The platform is owned and operated by 'Finovators Digital Pvt Ltd' – a team of highly experienced financial services industry and business experts. Mawazna provides its customers a digital comparison facility for a variety of banking, Insurance, and telecom products including Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Personal, Car and Home Loans, and Broadband products. The service offers a highly intuitive user experience tailored for the needs of Pakistani consumers. Both individual consumers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from the service since they can make more informed decision in addition to saving the cost and valuable time. Mawazna was launched in 2016 and the service is gaining high interest from the market participants.

Contact Information:

Contact Person:        Muhammad Waqar Asghar

Designation:              Founder  

Address:                     243 G-1, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan

Contact Number:     +92 42-35291128

Company Email ID 


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