How stress can affect fertility?

Posted by IsisReano on January 17th, 2017

When you are planning for a baby, you may be overanxious at chatting fertile and unfertile days. You spend your time waiting for the day when you expect your monthly period to pass so that you can start hoping that it has finally happened: that the long awaited pregnancy is finally here. Unfortunately, months have come and gone and you are still hoping it will happen.

You have actually been to the Cyprus ivf clinic and they have told you it is going to happen at its own time. You have been told that all you need to do is to stop worrying and keep cool and wait for the time when it will happen. The problem with stress induced infertility issues is that it may be hard to figure and harder to control. The truth is that for a woman who is trying to conceive not to be able to do so after long trial periods, it can be a huge stress in itself. Then there is always the case of pressure from loved ones. To be able to handle such a situation, it will be important to understand how stress can affect fertility so that you can take measures to avoid it. If you are unable to manage situation then you should take help of ivf Mexico experts.

It is true that sometimes stress can affect your ability to become pregnant, but if you will discuss with IVF Cyprus experts then you can get a best solution. This is because the part of the brain that works to release the eggs can be affected by high stress levels. This is the hypothalamus gland which also regulates the level of testosterone in a man.

Most often the body is already used to the normal level of stress it goes through from time to time. This means that ovulation cannot be affected by such stress. However, when stress levels for one reason or another rise to very high levels, it may affect the functioning of the reproductive system and ovulation may be delayed or not occur at all.

The behavior of cervical mucus may be an indication of a woman’s stress level, you must visit ivf Lebanon clinic and talk with experts in a highly professional manner. Normally as ovulation approaches, the vagina will notice more wetness continuously for a certain period. However, when stress is added, there may be patches of wetness interspersed with dryness. The impression is that of the body struggling to ovulate without success.

For those trying to get pregnant, they can be happy with the fact that this stress induced pseudo infertility should not stop them from getting pregnant. All they need do is to try to have sex more often especially when they believe they are ovulating. The only problem here is the fact that stress can cause loss of interest in sex. It will be nice to make some lifestyle changes like eating healthy and getting involved in yoga

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