Ways in Which Google Analytics Can Help a Business Website

Posted by Ananya Bhattacharya on January 18th, 2017

If you are wondering what Google Analytics is and what it does for your website, you are unaware of a very important tool of digital marketing. Google analytics helps you to measure and track the traffic that you get on your website. Google analytics will help you check whether your digital marketing techniques are on the right track or not.

In today’s times, every business wants to operate online. This is because consumers are going online. A normal consumer uses internet to reach the products he or she wants.  And business needs to target these audiences. Here are a few ways in which Google analytics reveals about the visitors that helps the website.

How many visitors you are getting and from where they are?

Google analytics helps the website owners know about the number of visitors that are visiting the website. Analytics also reveals the location of the visitor. These are very crucial information for any one website. It helps a business to plan their digital marketing plans accordingly.

Browser and operating system

If you use Google analytics, you will be able to see the breakdown of different browsers which visitors use to visit your website. It will also help you to know which browser is frequently used by the users. This can be useful information as it helps in optimising the website to make it suitable for the browser which brings the most visitors.  For example, if your visitors are using Chrome to reach your website but it does not suit your website, then you can solve the problem easily.

It also helps to reveal what the visitors are looking for in websites. If the visitors are using browsers like internet explorer, they are looking for websites that are user-friendly and navigable. On the other hand if the visitors are using newer browsers like chrome that have advanced features, signals net-savviness.

What visitors find interesting?

Google keywords report will show a list of words and phrases that are familiar to your organisation that drives traffic to your site. It also shows the rate at which each keyword directs visitors to your site. It can be immensely useful in planning out a marketing strategy. Experts at White Hat Academy point out that if it is used with features that list the new and returning visitors, it can be very useful for small businesses. With this information, you can trace things backward and you will be able to identify new opportunities that you must focus on.  If you want your visitors to visit your website, this can prove to be a very important tool.

What is disinteresting for visitors?

Google analytics help businesses to know what things visitors find interesting in their websites. The analytics tool shows the time for which the visitor stays on each page of the website. It also helps the businesses to know which website the visitors switch to after clicking away from the business website. This helps the business to identify the factors which make their website unattractive to the visitors. Not only does this feature of Google analytics help you to improve your website, but it also helps in avoiding mistakes. Once you know the pages from where visitors click away from your website, you can take action accordingly. You can either redesign or totally scrap off those pages of your website that don’t attract visitors.

Visitors that are not interested at all

If you have created a website, it is not difficult to get visitors with a little effort. Although you can get gigantic number of hits from all over the world, it is can have no benefits for you. Why? This is because your business website will produce good results if the visitor visiting it stays there and explores it. You need visitors from the targeted audience that matters the most for you. 

Google Analytics offers the website owners a breakdown of a bounce rate. Bounce rate shows the number of visitors who click away before navigating to the second or third page. These kinds of visits are called ‘hits’. If your website has high bounce rate, it means your website has failed to captivate visitors. The bounce rate among the visitors who visit your website for first time is considered purest form of metric.

 Apart from this the Google analytics helps businesses to know whether the website is being viewed on a lot on smart phones and tablets. This helps in recognising the user’s technology and improving the accessibility of your website. Google analytics reveals a lot of valuable information about visitors and the website. Thus, it is a very helpful tool if you want to improve usability of your website.

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