Why Companies Are Going For New Employee Orientation Programs?

Posted by Linda Hudson on January 18th, 2017

In a nutshell, a comprehensive new employee orientation program upsurges employee engagement as well as retention. Improved employee engagement and retention let you keep and make more money. In other words, happy, loyal staff means happy, loyal clienteles. Specifically, a sensibly designed and delivered new employee orientation program would be able to do the following.

  • Reduce new employee start-up costs
  • Help make the new employee independently productive as quickly as possible
  • Provide your new hires with relevant information when they need to know it
  • Set realistic expectations and goals for both employee
  • Encourage a positive attitude

Reduce New Employee Start-Up Costs

After you have spent what surely appears like too much time and money in the course of the selection and hiring process in search of the right candidate. Companies don't wish to complex that expense by leaving separate departments to "reinvent the wheel" and make an entirely new employee orientation program for every new staff member. That wastes your business's time, energy, and resources. And, we don't want you or your supervisors trying to do it all on Friday before the new person arrives on Monday. An effective new employee orientation program is scheduled well in advance of the employee coming and is just duplicated for each new member of staff and so saves you time, money as well as stress.

Help Make the New Employee Self-Sufficiently Productive As Quickly As Possible

Depending on the kind of work they have been hired to do, your new member of staff can take a few days to be "up and running" or more than a few months. But then again, by providing your new workers with clear and concise job descriptions, the essential tools to do the job and operational on-the-job training, you will significantly lessen the time it takes for your new staffs to become not only fruitful but also to excel. A well-intended new employee orientation program ensures that your new workers are provided with these basics for success. You employees will turn out to be confident, capable and top performers in your company. And if your employees are succeeding, so are you.

Set Realistic Expectations and Goals

Everyone's expectations have to be clear upfront. Both the supervisor and your new member of staff must be made mindful of the standard to which your new employee is anticipated to work and how long it is projected that he or she would take to reach that level.

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