What Do Best Oxidation Catalyst Products Offer?

Posted by Catalyst Product on January 18th, 2017

Best diesel oxidation catalyst units can be described as an affordable way to reduce the emission of dangerous substances like unburned hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions. It does not matter whether you are looking for an industrial boiler, process heater, reciprocating engine or gas turbine exhaust; you need to purchase top quality catalyst products from reliable manufacturers and this approach always helps you meet your emission objectives in a realistic manner.   

High catalytic activity and flexible packaging options

High quality diesel catalytic converters are produced using highly efficient metal-based formulations to offer a long lifespan. These types of units come with enhanced catalytic activity and they also offer reduced pressure drop and poison resistance. Reliable manufacturers deliver oxidation catalyst products in modules and upon special request; you can receive them in a panel as pre-assembled to make the installation and removal process easy and fast. Top manufacturers also offer them loose in round or rectangular shapes.  

Custom designs without compromising on quality

Are you searching for a catalyst’s retrofit or replacement charge? Highly reliable manufacturers offer fully customized design to go well with your unique requirements. The design and manufacturing processes of every catalyst unit is geared towards meeting the exclusive needs of different clients. In order to make their products truly superior, renowned manufactures make use of top quality metal and ceramic honeycomb substrate and they also utilize application-specific coatings and wash coats to maintain the quality at an optimal level. The custom design features can only be associated with best manufacturers and this aspect clearly shows their commitment and responsibility towards their customers.   

High system efficiency and uninterrupted optimal performance

Top companies strive hard to meet the customer expectations and for them, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. They make use of metal honeycomb substrate to ensure that the pressure drop is maintained at the lowest level. This aspect clearly distinguishes their products from substandard manufacturers. When the pressure drop remains at the lowest level, you can always expect better system efficiency and the overall performance undergoes tremendous transformation.

Reduced operating cost and reduced poison emission

Since high dynamic metal-based formulations can be linked with top quality products, they offer excellent destruction levels at reduced operating temperatures. The poison resistant formulations lower the emission of poisonous gases in the best possible manner and you do not need to worry about any unbearable odor as well.  The catalyst volume remains at low levels and it ensures reduced operating cost. With the help of the best products, you can achieve more than 98 percent of pollutant destruction levels.

All high quality oxidation catalytic products including diesel exhaust gas purifiers come with a modular design. The installation and removal process can be described as easy and uncomplicated and you can save a lot on process downtime and labor expense as well. Best products always have a long lifespan and they are capable of tolerating any degree of hostile process conditions. The bottom line is that under all circumstances, these washable products offer high operational efficiency. 

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