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  Of recent years, there have been a whole lot of ‘truths’ and ‘falsies’ about MBBS in China, especially as it's home to one the best universities in the world for foreigners. Are these ‘truths’ and ‘falsies’ really what they are said to be? This facts-packed article aims to bring to light all factors in order for you to know the realities of the whole matter.

China, as we all know, is not an English speaking country. Only 20% of their population is able to speak this language. Most of the students that come to study MBBS in china are people that are able to speak English relatively well and are not able to speak Chinese. That is the most important reason why all universities that MBBS is taught in is in English medium, the students learn it alongside the Chinese language for your day-to-day activities. Without the ability to speak simple Chinese language, day-to-day interactions become almost impossible. Not to see this as too much of a problem, however, for the people are very welcoming and this creates a very conducive atmosphere with a feeling of security which is of utmost priority and basic necessity for a foreigner who is going to be spending about five years in this country.

Studying medicine in China means studying under a little bit of excess pressure, and as such you are going to have strategized your time carefully. Even though there is going to be enough supervision from school and its authorities, you will need to depend more on maturity to push through daily. This means critical thinking, doing your best to stay out of trouble as much as possible.

Also, different schools come with different policies, hence, you might not want to have expectations of having foreign teachers in every school. Most universities, which do not employ foreign teachers, however, have native teachers with different, often effective teaching methods, who are equally good and fluent when it comes to English. Personally, I do not think this is much of a problem, most part of the teaching-learning process depends on the student’s dedication anyways, and being in a university, this should not be a problem.

 Lastly and importantly, China has universities that have a very favorable fee structures that most people would be able to choose from a wide range, the one that suits him or her.

There is probably more controversies surrounding this issue, but I hope this article has cleared most of them or at least the most relevant ones that everyone needs answers to. Thank you.





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