Duration of Medical Courses In China?s Medical School

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Duration of Medical Courses In China’s Medical School

As the saying goes good things don't come easy. For one to really achieve, it must take hard work, sweat and determination to really accomplish the battle being fought towards success. But before one must be successful it really takes years of hard work and determination. Some might take one or two years to achieve their goals others might go as far as 5 to 7 years to accomplish theirs.

 Not everyone will be interested in studying medicine due to its length of duration. In every country, the duration of the study of medicine really varies.

Let’s take China for instance, where Chinese western-based education has developed since the nineteenth century. There about over 900 medical universities currently in China, with most being accredited to World health Organization (WHO). Among them, most of the universities admit foreign students for English medium MBBS program.

The duration for MBBS also varies within China itself from 5 to 7 years with its academic year normally starting from August or September. In medical schools, which usually have the duration of 5 years, students normally spend four years for the bachelor degree and one year of an internship either in China or any country of their choice. Under this kind of duration, the whole course begins right from the start of the first year alongside with the Chinese language to help improve the communication skills of foreign students with the locals. Students begin their major right from the first year till their final year thus the fourth year, then the fifth year for internship.

Most medical universities in China like my school, medical education is normally five years bachelor degree, including one-year internship either in China or any preferred country. Usually, under this particular duration, for the first year, student are expected learn the Chinese mandarin language for the whole one year until the second year where their being given the chance to start there major thus the MBBS. From second year to the fifth year students, are expected to acquire basic medicine sciences and preventive medicine as well as possess certain clinical skills .The fourth year normally comprises of clinical sciences where students have most their lessons in the hospital for practical knowledge. The sixth year students are expected to either do their internship in China or their country before their being awarded their medical certificate that makes them eligible to work as medical doctors anywhere around the world.

Very few of the medical schools have their duration of 7 years of medical education.6 years of learning then 1-year internship.

Besides MBBS as a medical course, some medical schools offer other medical courses such as Bachelor of Pharmacy. (This degree involves knowledge in pharmacy with duration of 4 years)

Bachelor of Dental surgery (this a professional degree program in dentistry with a duration of 4 years).


B.Sc Nursing (this a program aimed at producing quality nurses with a duration of 4 years).

After obtaining the medical bachelor degree some might prefer to work as medical doctors, some might also decide to specialize base on individual choices. Every specialty has its own duration too. For instance oncology, thus study of the tumor has duration of three years and so on.

The journey toward being a doctor is really a tough journey. Though years spent varies by country or school, a good Doctor should be able to use the period of time or years used in obtaining medical knowledge into practice to help save lives. Medicine does not actually have to do with neither the duration nor the country you studied, it has to do with hard work and perseverance.




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