Know the importance of investing in child plans?

Posted by Jenny Dsouza on January 19th, 2017

When a child is born, it brings happiness and harmony in parents’ lives. As the child grows up it keeps spreading joy and fun in the family. The way he or she crawls, laugh, cry, take the first step towards you, first word from their month, everything seems to be just so fascinating and exciting. But at the younger age, they depend on us mentally and financially. We should ensure that we have arranged enough finances to fulfill their dreams and educational necessities so that they choose a quality career ahead and succeed in life.

But, due to the rising inflation costs and other family responsibilities, it becomes difficult for us to save maximum for child’s safe future. Besides, life can bring unprecedented events in front of us at any moment of time that might leave your child strangled in the world full of complexities. Therefore the simplest solution is to be prepared pre-hand and adopt a suitable investment plan for child towards a brighter future for your loved child.

Child plans provide financial cover to your child to fulfill their present educational needs and future financial goals. Higher education, marriage, child’s career goals, financial security are some of the important milestones that we all save for. But due to the rising inflation costs, the standard of living, simple savings will not prove enough to meet the aspiration for one’s child. Therefore, a child plan is required to facilitate planning for children needs and most importantly provide financial protection.

Life insurance plans are the best financial instruments that provide multiple fund options in just one instrument, allowing one to choose as per their risk profile. These plans also allow partial withdrawal facilities to help enhance your child talent.

The investment plan for child offered by insurance companies are investment-cum-insurance plans. In these plans, parents start investing right from the time a child is born. They can withdraw the savings once the child reaches adulthood or in exceptional cases, if the parent were to meet with an unfortunate event child insurance plan is able to provide a life cover for the financial needs of your children and lump-sum money is paid out to the child as well. It will continue till maturity after the death of the parent and all the future premiums will be paid out by the insurance company! This unique feature is called Waiver of Premium.

Most parents feel that child plans can be pushed ahead for a while. But, that is a wrong approach. If these are market-linked funds they require time to produce a balanced result that will meet your child’s financial goals on time. Besides, early investments help you to reap the benefits of compounding effect. So, it's advisable to start your plan early, invest the money in equity funds, book profits and move them to debt oriented funds. This way you can meet their financial requirements time-on-time basis. 

Today, there are lots of investment plan for child available in the markets. It is advisable to read the policy terms & conditions carefully before making any investment. Understand the clauses well; compare insurance plans before choosing the right plan, look for charges incurred, offer available and payment modes. Online sites are a great place to start as they help you easily to compare the cost of insurance, the benefits factors and provide a variety of options to choose as per your requirements. Lastly, it is important to choose the plan that caters to your needs and most importantly fits into your budgets.

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