Outdoor Drying Rack for Clothes: The Best Option to Dry Your Designer Clothes

Posted by Breezecatcher on January 19th, 2017

Designer clothes are only as good as their condition. Designer wear can turn pedestrian if maintained poorly.  Well maintained designer clothes can remain the star in the wardrobe for as long as they are in vogue.  While everyone takes a lot of care to wash designer clothes, ensuring that they are not mixed with clothes that bleed color, the drying is often a ‘taken-for-granted’ decision.  Here’s a quick look at how you should air dry your expensive clothes to keep them in ramp condition.

Maintain fabric consistency

The very nature of designer wear places demands in terms of material – delicate, soft, with the right shades of hue.  Continued used of a dryer is highly likely to reduce the consistency of the fabric or material.  This can be evident from the amount of lint that accumulates in a dryer. Over a long period, it may end up affecting the thickness of the material in places and will reduce the appeal of the apparel.  Air drying clothes will resolve this problem, as eternal forces that can slowly cause deterioration of material are non-existent in air-drying.

Sturdy outdoor racks never let you and your clothes down

Outdoor racks are clever improvements of clotheslines. Designed to accommodate large volume of your laundry within a compact space, they facilitate the drying of clothes evenly. Built with heavy gauge aluminum, the mast, slides, brackets and braces are meant to take a lot of weight while standing up to gusty winds.  PVC clotheslines ensure that the clothes do get discolored from rust or other corrosive line material.

Prevents clothes from developing hard-to-iron creases

One of the major disadvantages of a dryer is the necessity to be available when the dryer has finished its routine. Some of your designer wear may be delicate to the point of developing wrinkles, if left in a crumpled position for too long. This calls for your mandatory presence. If you have a pressing commitment or an urgent chore to attend, you run the risk of letting your clothes get that hard-to-iron-out creases.

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BreezeCatcher Clothesline was established in 2005 by Tom Delaney. Tom is an engineer with electronic and mechanical experience and specialized in the instrumentation field in various industries from medical devices to the petroleum retail industry. Tom was dissatisfied with the quality of a shop bought rotary clotheslines so decided to design a robust model for use at his home in Dublin Ireland. The design proved so popular with family and friends he decided to establish the Breezecatcher Clothesline Company. In 2005 he launched an on-line store and now sell direct to home-owners and retail stores worldwide. They have a large variety of clothesline varying in features from height adjust-ability to deluxe top spinning rotary clotheslines to fix head umbrella clotheslines with wood grain finish and many more.

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