Why you need to consider using Plastic Business Cards for Business?

Posted by Makarand Palnitkar on January 19th, 2017

Today, leaving a strong lasting impression is the sole thing that will provide you and your business the best chance of turning someone into a paying customer. Printing business cards have historically been one of the preferred ways to do this. There are several situations when a plastic card would provide business additional benefits, however, several companies still don’t consider printing plastic cards rather than the conventional medium of card. First impression count for everything and if you’re giving someone a card, whether its information, loyalty or a business card, then being remembered is the sole motive behind it.

The plastic card industry is developing and escalating through new printing technologies and increasing interest, as businesses swap from the conventional card to plastic. This means plastic cards (includes the plastic business cards for companies or individuals) are reasonable and accessible to the huge majority of business across the world.  So is there any reason that the companies switch to plastic to promote their business? Plastic is considered to be a material having several uses and comes in almost every shape, size and colour. It’s popular primarily due to its versatility and durability. Having printing cards in plastic means they can last for a very long time and represent your brand without tarnishing the image in comparison to other materials that would have started to disintegrate. Waring out a plastic card requires a lot of usage, which is the reason several companies are now looking for plastic business id cards printers. Several companies dealing in zebra id card printing machine are also now opting for plastic cards as means to deal with clients.

Significance of Plastic for Business Cards

Design is quite attractive

Most people view your business through its design that’s seen through business cards and it can say a lot about the company and its values. More often, medical and financial business cards comprise of a two colour design, displaying a clean, direct and elegant flow. On the contrary, companies such as hotels provide a luxury or boutique feel using high contrasting colours and suggestions of luxury by using designs based on gold on black. However, quality is the one thing that all plastic business cards have in common.


Waste can be significantly reduced by recycling old plastic cards into new cards and also keeps spent cards out of landfill. One can also find PVC cards in the market that bio-degrade in 4 years when they come into contact with organic materials such as compost and soil. Eco-friendly business cards, is the ideal answer if your business wants to lessen its environmental impact.

Variety of Uses

Due to their durability and ability to provide high quality graphics, plastic cards can be used in a multitude of various situations. As with most business cards, plastic cards can be visual, however, they can also interact with machines in several ways. Having such wide range of uses several businesses can take advantage of printing on plastic.

In this competitive era, it’s vital to grab the opportunity to stand out from all your competitors and plastic business cards are one of the best ways to do so.

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