5 Ways to Study Smart & Crack Competitive Examination

Posted by Sakshi Gupta on January 19th, 2017

Every year numerous students burn the midnight oil to crack the competitive examination to turn their dream of taking admission in the best engineering institutes in reality. There is no shortage of aspirants that start preparing for the competitive exam at schools level.

However, the biggest problem is many students due to lack of knowledge choose inefficient ways to study that has no guarantee or very small percentage of success. What students need to do is study smart to crack competitive examination.

If you too are preparing for an exam like JEE and NEET, then this post is for you. Read on to understand how you can study smart and crack exam to live up to your dreams.

Identify the Best Time Slot to Study

The moment you realize or decide to appear for a competitive exam, your first step should be to determine the best time slot to study. Time is precious for a business person because time is money, and also for a student preparing for the competitive exam because time is future. A majority of students choose midnight time slot to study because they get peaceful, quiet surrounding in the night only.

Leverage Distributive Learning

Do not get trapped into traditional style of learning. Otherwise, you may get bored and lost your concentration. As various experts say, the attention span of even the sharpest minds does not exceed for more than 2 hours. Therefore, it is crucial for you to take breaks. A majority of students take a break of 30 minutes after every 2 hours. Utilize this time to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Fill the Gaps as Second Counts

Various students do not study unintentionally every day. This time could be their traveling time. Therefore, to fill this gap as every second is valuable to crack competitive exam, it is advised to make flash cards to go through some important formulas quickly. For this, they can use their smartphones, as various apps are available that lets you create flashcards quickly.

Make Notes for Quick Revision

Nothing is better than hand-written notes. Students join coaching classes for smart study strategy to succeed in competitive exams. Further, they get CBSE online study material to study. Many experts give the advice to make notes for quick revision. One of the best ways to make notes is by writing the extract of the topic you learn in crisp pointers to revise them quickly. In addition to it, having shortcuts, tricks, and tips at one place will help you go through them without referring to the books.

Do Drills to Boost Your Speed

As mentioned is the first pointer, time is valuable. Therefore, one of the main success mantras to get assured success in the competitive exam is to take test regularly. For this, you can rely upon CBSE online study material provided by your coaching center.

Final Words

You can follow the points explained above to create your own strategy to study smart and crack exam to fulfill your dreams.

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