Your Doctor Is Really Your Best Friend

Posted by Nammo on January 19th, 2017

Every one in seven man is at risk of prostate cancer. It could be you or your brother or your friend or father or anybody you know and love. Hence it is very important to be vigilant about the signs and symptoms of this disease to ensure that you catch it in time and treatment can start as soon as possible. Prostate cancer diagnosis and correct diagnosis is the first major step in winning this battle against cancer.

More often than not, when we go to a doctor he will give us pre- set prostate cancer treatment options. The doctors today hardly take time to talk to each patient and understand their psychology and finally give them the best treatment according to their mental and physical state. There is a cancer treatment centre which also has its presence in the online world. The doctors there are known to be caring towards the patients and believe in giving detailed description about the treatment they are about to take up. This puts the patient in a happy situation as they know and understand that they are in a condition of control. Nobody but the patient and their near ones can make the best choices for themselves. So a doctor will advise some patients to wait out for the cancer to go on its own, for others surgery of minimally invasive type is suggested. Radiation therapy is also done for cases where immediate attention is required and the disease has progressed quite a bit. Cryotherapy or freezing of cancerous cells is done when possible. HIFU and alternative therapies are done to help the patient fight with the disease and recover easily. Hormone therapy for cancer treatment is another new way to deal with it where the body is deprived of male hormones hence treating the disease and stopping its spread.

A good doctor will tell you about all the choices you have and the best bet you can take according to the stage at which your cancer is. If your doctor is not doing this it’s time to change him and seek one who will try and talk to you as much as you want and give you ample of information, after all it’s your life and you should get to choose.

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