Industrial Joystick Controllers in Australia to Control Scientific Processes

Posted by lizathomas on January 20th, 2017

Do you love playing computer games? If you are an avid computer gamer, you must have used joysticks. However, now joysticks are available in much more advanced forms with the introduction of industrial joysticks. Such joysticks are used in controlling a variety of modern applications and processes that work in different environmental conditions. Also, they can be used in managing new age heavy equipment such as forklifts, cranes, agricultural machinery, hoist devices, vehicle steering, excavators, and military vehicles that work on computer programs. Industrial joysticks use photoelectric sensing systems or switches to translate the joystick motion into an output signal with the help of computer programming. Some of the industrial joysticks use micro-switches to perform their functions that are small switches with a button to close them.

Industrial joysticks are found in different categories such as thumbsticks or micro joysticks, fingertip joysticks and hand controllers. These categories are based on the type of the grips or handles of the joystick assembly. While designing these joysticks, physical ergonomics of human beings is strictly followed so that the fingers, thumbs and the hands overall do not suffer from any kind of stress. In technical terms, industrial joysticks are divided into four types as inductive joysticks, resistive joysticks, optical joysticks and hybrid joysticks. Inductive joysticks have a magnetic coil connected to the bottom of the grip shaft that use the magnetic field waveform patterns to complete their tasks. Resistive joysticks use potentiometers to perform any function by inducing changes in the voltage and electrical resistance. Optical joysticks use a non contacting photoelectric switches instead of conventional switches and other input technologies based on the Hall effect to work and lastly, hybrid joysticks are a mix of the inductive and resistive technologies.

While talking about the functions of the industrial joystick controllers, they can be used for steering, positioning and controlling speed in various applications such as microscope controls, camera controls, wheel chairs controls, surveillance cameras, optical measurement equipment and medical diagnostic equipment. They are designed by making use of different parameters like number of axes, friction hold, spring return, and protocol support so that they perform accurate and precise functions in different applications.

If you are looking for industrial joystick controllers in Australia, you can contact an electronics company that has every kind of electronic equipment with it. Now, many of them are available on the internet that can provide you handy joystick controllers in New South Wales.

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