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China is among the countries that offer the international students for different courses including MBBS.MBBS is the medical course that is very famous offered in china compared to another course.

 Many students from different nations whether in Africa, Asia and Europe come to study the degree of MBBS in china.

Actually, the MBBS that is provided in china is good and of good quality, since there are sufficient laboratories for research and experiments where students can observe different specimen from macroscopic (large that can be seen by naked eyes) to microscopic (smallest that have to use microscope to observe it)

Also most of the teachers are understandable and have any requirements needed for a good teacher and not only that but also the teachers are hardworking and they make sure the majority of students understand the lesson, however, the difficult is because the truth that cannot be hidden that the medical subjects are not that easy as people think and expect.

Also most of the universities provide opportunities for students since in their second or third year to go to hospitals to practice what they have learned in a class where this give the students an opportunity to expand the power of understanding the lesson and make use of what he\ she learned.

Actually, some people see that the MBBS offered in china is not of good quality but according to my discovering is due to the following reasons

Firstly, students attitude of studying: because the students are far away from their parents and they are just themselves here in china so they just waste a lot of their time in entertainments and other staffs apart from studying.

Secondly, some of the teachers who miss the concept of responsibility who allow the students to cheat in exams: actually some of the teachers but not all allow the students to cheat in exams and even some of them give exam paper for students to solve before exam time.


China is among the countries that provide MBBS for international students. In general, the MBBS in china is of good quality since there are some recommendations that drop its quality.


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