The Critical Importance of Ultrasound and X-Ray procedures

Posted by EastMed Radiology on January 21st, 2017

Ultrasound imaging has been an immensely popular diagnostic procedure for the last 40 to 50 years. It is most commonly used in a form of 2D imaging, which is also known as B-Mode Ultrasound. This type of ultrasound imaging is used to diagnose various medical conditions as well asto confirm the pregnancy and rule out the possibility of genetic anomalies. Quite often it is possible to tellthe gender of the baby during the 20 week Anatomy scan but this highly depends on the position of the fetus at the time of the scan.

Wide acceptance due to excellent benefits

Due to its safety and accuracy, Ultrasound imaging is widely utilized in almost every body part helping with the diagnosis of numerous conditions. The common Ultrasound procedures include Abdominal, Liver, Renal, Pelvic, Groin, Vascular and Thyroid scans. It is important to note that some scans will require preparation such as fasting or having a full bladder or both. The Medical Imaging Centre such as EastMed Radiologyis conveniently located in close proximity to the Central Auckland and Eastern suburbs in order to minimize that little feeling of discomfort associated with the full bladder or empty stomach while travelling for your appointment.

Along with high level of professionalism and patient care EastMed Radiology offers a full range of procedures associated with Musculoskeletalassessment. Shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, hands, ankles and so on - all fall under that category. Moreover, if the injury is caused by an accident and is covered by the ACC there will be no charge for the patient.

Modern X-Ray procedures do not invite any side effects

X-rays can be described as the procedures that some people tend to have some apprehensions with. The radiation is the major source of concern. The technological advancements over the years have reduced the impact of radiation to minimal levels and patients do not have to worry about the side effects with the modern procedures available. At EastMed Radiology, Auckland we use the latest digital X-Ray equipment to produce the images. This technology provides top quality diagnostic images with less radiation exposure compared to the conventional X-Ray machines. 

Simple, but highly effective diagnostic procedures

X-Rays are usually the simplest, quickest and reasonably inexpensive way of diagnosing many medical conditions. With the main focus on bone and joint related problems, such as fractures or degenerative changes, X-Rays are also used for soft tissue imaging. If your doctor suspects pneumonia or any other respiratory abnormality he or she is likely to refer you to have a Chest X-Ray. At EastMed Radiologyyou can be seen straight away for a chest X-Ray without having to make an appointment and the procedure does not usually take longer than 10 minutes. Abdominal X-Ray is also a part of soft tissue imaging which is most commonly used to diagnose a bowel obstruction. Looking for a “foreign body” is also part of soft tissue imaging. Doctors may request an X-Ray and sometimes an Ultrasound to investigate the presence of an object that would not normally be inside of you. These include pieces of glass after a cut or a splinter.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, the most common subjects of X-Ray examinations are bones and joints. Apart from many other medical problems that may involve your bones and joints, such as Osteoarthritisfor instance, a lot of X-Ray referrals are due to an injury, especially – sports injury. Here at EastMed Radiologywe perform specialized X-Ray and Ultrasound procedures for all types of Musculoskeletal injuries. And same as for the Ultrasound, if it is an ACC covered injury there is no extra surcharge to have the X-Ray done.

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