Five Effective Tips To Quit Smoking

Posted by Steven Smith on January 23rd, 2017

This year, you took resolution to quit smoking. Congratulations! However, even a teetotaler can tell how difficult it would be for you. It requires immense willpower to handle no-smoking days as well as remain firmly stay on your decision.
Here are five tips that may prove very useful in keeping you abstain from smoking.

An effective planning can ease your quit days. Make a quite plan where you include ways to stay focused, motivated and confident to leave cigarette. In this, you can take help of your friends and near ones. Incorporate them in your quit plan and take their suggestions in finalizing the right approach. Be honest about your needs and frankly discuss the things with them.

Nicotine replacement therapy
If you are sure about including nicotine replacement therapy in your quite plan, start using it from the first morning.

CBD vape pen
Vape pen have been found very effective in quitting cigarettes. The best thing about them is their use of herbs which makes them a healthy option for smoking. Provided with the herbal properties of cannabinoid, CBD vape pen makes vaping experience smooth. They come in a range of designs and flavors like essential oil vape pens, vaporizers, portable vaporizers and more. The best thing about them is their portability. Can be easily carried, they offer you to vape even at public places discreetly. Prepared by accompanying good quality of CBD, they don’t make you high. For all these qualities, vape pen have been found very effective in combating smoking habit.

Stay busy
Keeping yourself engrossed in work and other activities will make you stay smoke-free during your no-smoking days. Staying engaged will help you keep your mind off smoking and cravings. You can try some of these activities.

• Join a gym
• Start practicing yoga or any other physical exercise like morning walk
• Chew gum or candy
• Spend time with non-smoker friends and family members
• Drink lots of water
• Take deep breaths every hour
• Go for a movie or play games

Avoid urges
People, places, things and situations triggers the urge to smoke. Try to avoid all these factors. Instead, you can follow these steps:

• Throw away cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, etc.
• Avoid caffeine; instead drink plenty of water
• Spend time with non-smoker people
• Take rest and consume healthy food

Apart from taking all these steps, try to avoid anything that make you associate with smoking.

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