How to Obtain Gold in the World of Warcraft?

Posted by Mogs - Professional MMO Services on January 24th, 2017

Gold is the most needed item that players of the World of Warcraft struggle to obtain in the game. While there are many ways to earn Gold, you may still have a hard time to earn gold in WOW, especially, when you are a beginner. This guide is intended to make life simpler for you describing the techniques that worked for many and can work out for you as well.

1. Choose gathering professions – You have to collect those materials that are useful to the WOW community, for, instance, mats. The best professions to collect mats include mining, herbalism, skinning and enchanting, etc. Once you attain higher levels, you can take up blacksmithing, jewel crafting, leatherworking and creating other stuff.

2. Get better gear – Rather than finishing all quests in Outlands/Pandaria/Northrend, go through instances to obtain better gear, and make a decent amount of money. You can save the quests until you reach level 90. Most quests at higher levels will offer you 23 gold per quest rather than 2 gold per quest as a reward. This technique is greatly beneficial as you can obtain as much as 3000 gold per zone at advanced levels.

3. Go to Outlands/Northends – Due to high costs associated with flying mounts, Blizzard planned to make this to ensure you could earn a lot more gold than you could have earned from Azeroth. However, it would be advisable to stay in Azeroth until you reach level 60.

4. Auctioning - Get the add-on auctioneer that can automatically let you know about the best price to sell your items at. Run instances, collect greed loot and sell them in auctions. You will see that items like malachite and shadow gem can be sold for 3 gold each for rich characters.

5. Level mining – Next comes jewel crafting. While you may not find it profitable in the beginning, you can enjoy a ton of JC cuts doing JC dialies or prospecting titanium ore, the money starts to enter in.

6. Sell high level gear – Max level players are always there in the market to obtain high level gear in order to improve their items. This could be a great idea to trade gears with others and obtain gold in response.

And that's it! I hope this guide would be of tremendous help to you. I have tried my best to come up with the answers to all your queries regarding obtaining gold in WoW. Although this isn't the complete guide, there could be many other techniques that may not be present in this list. So do your research to think like a pro and get more out of your efforts. In case, you are unable to perform anything suggested above, you can always choose to buy wow gold from one of the renowned gold sellers online.

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