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Invasive medicine is a procedure, which involves skin incision. Training workshops on invasive medicine is an environment to teach students about numerous techniques on invasive medicine. The aim of training workshops of invasive medicine is to present and evaluate a model for teaching coniotomy, intraosseous access, and various other techniques.

At training workshops a professor educate students how to perform a simulation. Initially, they perform simulation on prototypes such as dolls, animals, and cadavers. Various training workshops have different types of simulation techniques. For example, one institute is offering Oral procedure including tooth extraction, and gingival biopsy.


Training is essential to perform these procedures. Every year several universities and institutes offer variant training programs. With the lack of training, a physician can put a patient’s life in danger. It is proven that 98% of emergency physicians had never performed a coniotomy, and 85% had never established an intraosseous access, and 28% had never introduced a chest tube in an emergency setting.

Over 80% of the emergency physicians have no experience with certain other emergency measures recommended as lifesaving in individual cases. Institutions with emergency medicine departments have reported considerable and serious deficiencies in providing emergency care to patients with polytrauma. Implementing practice –oriented workshops in collaboration with anatomical institutes, could close these gaps. As these institutes use fixated corpses for training purposes the differences in working with living patients would have to be made clear. In spite of this minor restriction, practical exercises could counteract the defects in the care of emergency patients and should therefore be integrated into a future educational concept on a long-term basis.




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