Benefits of Using E-cigarette in Place of Traditional Cigarettes

Posted by VapingStation on January 25th, 2017

Smoking is a bad habit and it causes serious health damages to a person. If you are trying to quit smoking badly, you can ponder upon e-cigarette. Thanks to the technology, regular smokers can enjoy being healthier, fitter and prevented from serious health disorders. E-cigarette is one of the most important inventions of this decade. Slowly, but steadily, it is gaining popularity throughout the world. E-cigarette does not only protect your body from nicotine, tar, etc., but it also provides the pleasure of smoking to the regular smokers. Those, who have used E-cigarettes, have admitted that E-cigarettes provide ‘real smoking’ feeling.

A brief on E-Cigarettes

In case of e-cigarettes, traditional tobacco has been replaced by liquid nicotine, and the percentage of liquid nicotine ranges from 0mg to 24mg. With such minimal presence of nicotine, e-cigarettes exhibit minimal chances of lung and heart harms or damages. The best part of e-cigarettes is that these are reusable. Basically, e-cigs are outfitted with lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable. Apart from reusable e-cigs, buyers would also get cheape cigarette products online. Such e-cigs provide 500 puffs on average and after that buyers can throw them into the bins.

Difference between E-Cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes

The prime difference between e-cigs and orthodox cigarette is that e-cigs are not quite cigarette, though they provide ‘cigarette like’ feeling. In case of traditional cigarettes, raw or dried tobaccos have been used, but in case of e-cigs liquid nicotine has been used. In traditional cigarettes, consumption of nicotine is high and thus severe health disorder chances are associated with them. As only low percentage of nicotine vapors have been used, e-cigs are safer than orthodox cigarettes, especially from the health aspect. They are basically nothing but electronic devices. You can refill your e-cigs with e liquids for sale UK. Here are some of the basic in-depth comparison between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes:

E-Cigs Do not Stink: Smell of raw tobacco is the hallmark for the traditional cigarettes. If you are tired off this sticky nature of cigarettes, then consider shifting to e-cigs. E-cigarette does not endorse the foul odor of raw tobacco or burnt tobacco; in fact the vapor released from e-cigs does not have any sorts of odor.

E-Cigs Are Cheaper: As taxes are mounting on the traditional cigarettes, smoking is getting quite an expensive hobby these days. Today a pack of 10 cigarettes costs around 100 bucks in India. If you are a regular smoker, consuming more than 5-6 cigarettes per day, you will find that end of the month you are expensing around 1200 to 1500 bucks for smoking. Well, that is quite a big amount. Generally speaking, an e-cig is considered as equivalent to 50 traditional cigarettes. With ecig box mods UK, you will eventually find that you are saving around 500 bucks every month, at least.

E-cigs are Safer: A piece of burning cigarette often causes minor and even major accidents. In case of e-cigs nothing would burn and thus chance of accidents is void.

E-cigs Produce Vapors, not Smoke: E-cigs produce vapor that contain low amount of nicotine. Several brands are there, you can try Kangertech UK.

To purchase e-cigs, find a good online shopping website. Order your products online and get them delivered at your home.

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