Science behind microfiber cloths

Posted by richitalee on January 26th, 2017

We all hear every day that technology has made our lives easier. You would be surprised to know that technology has made a foray in a relatively indifferent field like cleaning also. Microfiber cloth cleaning is a new innovation and has simplified the cleaning process. Let us find out how.

  •          When you clean using the traditional mode of detergent and rough cloth the molecules of soap stick to the dirt. Now when you wipe with the cloth these dirt pieces get eradicated completely. However, these clothes have fewer fibres than a microfiber one and hence some of the dirt still stays on.
  •          When we use a microfiber cloth there is no need for usage of detergent and most of us wonder why .The truth is that these countless fibres attach themselves to the dirt present. They are strong enough to together dislodge each particle of dust present. This dirt then stays inside the cloth and when you wash the cloth the dirt is washed away.
  •          Microfiber cloth is made up of 50 % polyester and 50% polyamide. In second terms it can be said that it is a combination of two plastic forms. These clothes can claim to have different sized fibres and hence their cleaning effectiveness also varies. Another thing is that these clothes cannot remove anything smaller than their size hence they are equipped to eradicate bacteria, virus and germs from the surface.
  •          Many people make the mistake of using these clothes with a lot of water and soap. However doing so reduces the effectiveness of cleaning. For example, while cleaning glass surface you can first clean them with a regular cloth and soap liquid. After which remove the excess water completely using a squeegee. Now when you wipe them off with a microfiber cloth your windows would be shining as new.

Microfiber maybe a fairly new technology but it has definitely brought efficient changes in the lives of many households. Use it and make your cleaning process convenient and make your house stay shining and glossy all day long. For more information visit here:

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