Decrease Golf Slow Play with pace of Play Clocks and Make Golf Interesting

Posted by Chomko LA on January 27th, 2017

Golf is a big industry and golf players are one of the highest earning sportsmen in the world. Golf tournaments are held all over the world and they are run according to time and schedule. Golf clocks strategically placed in the course of the play and players accordingly adjust golf slow playand increase the speed to reach the hole within the shortest time possible.

The pace of play clocks manufactured by firms that are specialized in communication and time management and they show accurate time when play is in progress as the organizers set timings for each of the hole. The clocks are synchronized and according to requirement outdoor clocks can be procured and installed out on a golf course.

Since the time is set for the holes played and the avoidance of golf slow play by looking at on course friendly clocks. Clocks are placed near to the holes and convenient to note it with a glance. A lot of money and reputation is at stake on a Saturday and malfunctioning clocks can importantly tarnish the image of the golf course and professional. Cheap clocks that are meant for indoors used to be deployed for outdoor use but the efficiently and sturdily built pace of play clocks have now replaced them in a big way making play more interesting and speedy.  

There are 18 holes to conquer in a full-fledged golf course and players need to keep an eye on the clock so they can plan and dictate the pace with which they should be playing to beat the time. The golf pro will do well to use these clocks as they will show the timing of each player and when they are lagging behind and allow them to increase the speed of play.

Golf slow play can be boring and the assembly of golf lovers as well would find the play lackluster. Golf course clocks are wonderful tools for making golf play interesting and get the golfer’s attention riveted to the course of play.  The manufacturers will be able to customize the clocks according to your requirement and price and you can find the most suitable clocks for your course by looking at their brochures. The clocks also are instrumental in making profit for the organization as plays start moving in fast pace and make the tournament highly positive. The golf course will also improve its standards to give great service to their customers.

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