Here?s What You Need To Know About Buying Projector Lamps

Posted by Mark Page on January 27th, 2017

A projector is an optical device that is used widely for many applications where the information needs be communicated to people through audio and visual medium. The device projects an image directly or through retinal lenses on an external projection screen. Projectors are not new, they have been used in the field of cinema for long. The older versions of projectors that were used earlier are slide projectors and overhead projectors. The newer versions that are more frequently used in the modern day are digital video projectors. The most advanced versions, overcoming all the previous loopholes, are portable projectors that use technology of lasers or LEDs to project images.

The main components of projector lamps are namely ARC tube, mercury vapor, electrical wiring, quartz globe, connectors and fasteners etc. The complete module of a projector lamp consists of a bulb, its housing and the connectors. There are two ways in which you can replace the bulb, either you can buy the new bulb with new housing or you can use the old housing with the new bulb. While buying projector lamps, you can face issues related to compatibility. In such a situation, going for new housing is the best choice for a hassle-free installation of the new bulb. Another aspect to focus on while replacing the old bulb with new one is the manufacturer. You can buy bulb from the original manufacturer or from a secondary brand, this all depends on compatibility as sometimes the original manufacturers don’t want you to go for aftermarket products to ensure their profit. However, you won’t find much difference in quality and performance between OEM and aftermarket bulbs.

While browsing various options for where to buy projector bulbs, you must also search for the warranty options you get in market. It is safer to have a good period of warranty, so that you can get the bulb replaced without suffering losses in case of any kind of damage.

There are certain areas where you need to focus to ensure longer life of your projector lamps and bulbs. There is always a temperature limit that is distinctly mentioned along with the product, so you should maintain a proper temperature around the lamp. Cleaning the dust particles regularly is also advisable for bulb’s longer life. You must also know the right time to change the bulb to avoid failure of lamp, as soon as you feel the light is dimming slowly with time, you must consider replacement of bulbs immediately.

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