The Importance of Cloud PBX

Posted by Martin Emily on January 29th, 2017

No matter what your small business does, voice communication is a critical element of success. Your employees need a secure way to communicate with customers, contact prospective clients and conduct business. Installing a dedicated telephone system or PBX in your business can provide a number of important competitive advantages for your firm.

As a small business owner, communication costs are probably a big part of your budget. Moving away from individual phones and phone numbers and toward an integrated telephone system can trim your costs and simplify the processing of monthly telephone invoices. Installing a telephone system will also make it easier to review your monthly charges and identify any problematic calling patterns, such as an employee making unauthorized personal calls on company time.

  1.        Easy Expansion

Once the telephone system is in place, it will be relatively easy to scale it up as your company grows. Starting with a small dedicated phone system that fits your needs is a good way to control costs during the critical start-up phase. Then as your business grows you can move to a larger system that can accommodate additional employees and newer features.

2. Ease of Use

A quality business class phone system will likely put more reliable equipment in the hands of your company, such as IP-based phones that are connected through your IP address and Internet connection. Having this type of equipment can help reduce the risk of any outside technical issue disrupting your business’ phone service. Moreover, due to this system, staffs can easily connect with the customers, who increase customer service – one of the most important factors of successful company

 3. High Productivity

Using a business class phone service that employs VoIP phone systems will without a doubt increase productivity, because the phone lines are generally run over the Internet and therefore are much faster, more reliable and more cost effective. A phone service that runs through an IP address will also likely clear up any of those issues with reception.

 To increase quality of your communication, our company has introduced AntBuddy, a system that help you control customer relationship. With AntBuddy, you have a live support based on cloud that could let you communicate with customer quickly, at anytime and anywhere. Besides, we also provide you with CRM system and virtual workspace.

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