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Posted by Martin Emily on January 31st, 2017

As you are a manager of the sale department, have you ever questioned yourself about how your team works for a day? Have you ever had to make a phone call just to find out whether other members already to contacted the customers?. Nowadays, due to the development of technology, we have more ways to control this problem.

Incomplete CRM data often decreases sales performance. Many of contacts would have changed their number, address, email or even their company, leading to a gradual growth of redundant data in the CRM of your company.  So, what are you going to maintain clean CRM data?
Here are 3 tips that you could focus on to control your CRM system.

1. Maintaining complete Data
Ask yourself one question: How complete are my records? Whether you believe it or not, incomplete information is a bad sign for data quality. The CRM account asks you to finish numerous tasks that are mandatory. Actually, It may be time-consuming. And as a salesman, you are too busy to do it. That becomes a good reason for you to neglect proper data entry. Many scientists found that the best way to deal with this problem is to set crucial fields as mandatory: like name, email, telephone numbers, and address. Thus, salesman could determine the fields that are the most important for complete information and this enables users to fill in those essential details.

2. Avoid duplicate information

As email address is becoming more unique for each individual, one simple típs to prevent duplicate records is comparing the address of the contacts. While adding a lead/contact in AntBuddy CRM, you now have a great technichcal to check whether the newly added information already exists in your CRM account. This will absolutely save the effort of going through the records for duplicates

3. Use Roles for Security

With data getting from several sources and multiple users accessing it, keeping a clean CRM database is not that easy. One best practice is controlling access to data in your CRM account. Define which roles that will help you control the access rights of users while working with CRM data. That way, users will modify only those records that are relevant to them.

Customer data plays a very crucial part in sales as well as the success of a company. Therefore, every business needs to arrange their data reasonably.  Besides 3 tips mentioned above, there are still may ways that you could manage your customer information. And AntBuddy is a useful platform to do that for you.

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