3 Ways to Setup Using Social Listening Strategy

Posted by Prospect Factory on February 3rd, 2017

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Social Medias have now become a good breaking ground for businesses which want to flourish, be it big scale, small scale and even individuals have made a point that their business should have its own social media marketing. It is a very big help for those who are just starting or for those craving for more prosperity.

Are you prepared?

When you want to do something for your business, you need to have your goals set. You need to have some objectives and guide to help you with the strategy. Here are the sample questions which would influence if you are actually ready for the new social listening strategy.

  • Do you want to identify the people or objects that are highly influencing your product?
  • Do you want to see some opportunities from your customer service?
  • Do you watch over @comments, hashtag or phrases?

How to Put Into Action

If you answered yes to most of these questions then let us take into consideration what you will gain from this strategy.

1) Enhance Your Customer Service

In the old days, when internet was rare, you could barely hear any feedbacks or complaints from the clients and hence you cannot do anything about any issue because there was nothing that was addressed to you specifically. Nowadays, people learn to vent out their frustrations and disappointments with a service through the social media. This may come in as both a negative and positive result for the business. These businesses will be able to learn more about the experience of the previous clients and further enhance or correct the mistakes they made.

When you do social listening, you are at the best position of making sure you aren’t missing on the different opportunities. You gain new clients which you target. Most importantly, you cannot miss anything from your clients’ ordeals.

2) Identify key influencer

For those unfamiliar, they are very important when you want your social media strategy to flourish. Did you know that 75% of the consumers now rely on social media when it comes to their buying decisions? 90% takes trust recommendations and only one third of the fraction trust those advertisements.

3) Learn how to track keywords, hashtags and phrases.

There are some social monitoring media marketing tools which could help tracking faster and easier for you.

Social listening is a strategy which will help you be informed and up to date with the issues from your clients. This is a very good chance to show that their complaints are not ignored.

When you have finally decided that you will enhance your social media marketing strategy, I would suggest you look into Prospect Factory agency. They accept clients from all niches, government, business and a lot more. Check out their website to know more about this kind of service and let them do all the work for you.


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