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Posted by dunitzsantrino on February 6th, 2017

Do you have a large tree stump in your garden or backyard? You should definitely take steps for stump removal. Adelaide has many tree maintenance service providers who can clear the stump for you. Sometimes, when you call in landscape experts, they will remove the trunk and branches of the tree and leave the stump in the ground. Then, you will have to call in the professionals to do the needful.

Having a tree stump in garden is a huge safety risk. Children playing in the backyard may trip and fall over the tree stump. Secondly, the stump may have jagged ends, which may cause injuries. The tree stump can mar the aesthetic design of your lawn. You can either remove it yourself or call in stump grinding experts in Adelaide.

There are some safety tips that you should remember to follow during stump removal.

Clear and Secure the Area

Before you call in professionals for stump removal in Adelaide, you should clear the area. Remove any debris or stones from the vicinity. If the stump grinder gets too close to the rocks or stones, they may be propelled in any direction because of the force of the machine. This could cause accidents. Yes, the professional will clean up the space before they start working. But, it is always better to play it safe. Don’t you agree?

Put up a fence and a warning sign

Before you start the stump removal process, cordon the area around the stump, so that bystanders don’t come close even by mistake. That could lead to more accidents. Also put up a sign, saying that stump grinding is going on and stray debris could fall anywhere. Ask people to be careful when they cross the area.

Check for utility lines

Before you call in the professionals for stump grinding in Adelaide, check with your local utility service providers to find out if any supply lines are running below the ground in that area. Ensure that removing the stump won’t affect the utility lines before you start working.

Be vigilant

Even though you’ve barricaded the area and put up signs, there are chances people may venture into the space or your pets may run across the lawn to see what’s happening. Stay vigilant and keep them away from the area where the wood chunks are falling.

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