Symptoms of Bad Breath

Posted by nabeelshaukat on August 21st, 2010

Symptoms of bad breath:

There are countless people in this world, who are suffering from bad breath. It is imperative for all of us to be familiar with some common symptoms of bad breath, so that we are able to receive proper treatment on time. The detail of some common symptoms of bad breath is as follows. 

Dry mouth is a key symptom of bad breath. If your mouth is dry, then it is reasonable to assume that bad breath is due to having a dry mouth. Moreover, if you have a gum disease, then this will also result in bad breath problem. 

One of the major symptoms of bad breath is having a stress problem. Keep in mind that if you are suffering from stress, then there are high chances that your mouth will smell. 

Bad breath problem can also arise due to the fact that one is suffering from a permanent disease, like the diabetes. If this is the case, then due to high usage of medicines, your mouth will smell, and the better way to help cure from the bad breath in this situation is to use a good mouth wash.  

Some other bad breath symptoms are metallic taste, sour taste, halitosis, film on the tongue, post nasal drainage, tongue, yellow film, and there are many other symptoms as well.

Symptoms experienced by halitosis sufferers:

If someone is suffering from halitosis problem, then he or she might experience the following symptoms.

A white or yellow film: A white or yellow film is normally found in halitosis sufferers. If you have any of these films on your tongue, then it signals the bad breath problem.

Dry mouth: Dry mouth is a common symptom for the people suffering from halitosis problem. If you have a dry mouth, it can be a reasonable place for bacteria to exist and grow, which results in bad breath coming from your mouth.

Bad Taste: This problem is usually found in halitosis sufferers. The bad taste mostly comes due to dental infections, oral bacteria, and drainage from sinus, and due to medications.

Post Nasal Drainage: This is generally a result of certain sinus allergies. It is a thick mucous, which slowly drains in posterior region of the throat from the sinus region, and results in bad breath.

Loss of Self confidence: Halitosis problem also results in the loss of self confidence or self esteem. Having low confidence results in hesitation to do any thing properly, and also results in frustration and lack of willingness to do anything. This will result in bad breath coming from your mouth because you are mentally upset, and are hesitating to talk with others. It is a natural problem, that whenever one is in under pressure, bad breath starts coming from his or her mouth. So, if this is the case with you, then it?s better to contact a good doctor, and try to enhance your confidence power by following your doctor?s instructions, and also try to seek some stress management techniques.

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