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Posted by Swing Alpha on February 7th, 2017

Investment in the stock market is not a child’s play as you can get to lose out insane amounts of money in just a single day. But at the same time, you can also make some very good profits on a daily basis when you are going about in the right manner following the basic principles and implementing them in the right manner. You can take the help of the experts when you are new in the market and there are many companies that can help you out with their strategies on the investment. You can make use of the Swing Trading Strategies to assess in the right manner on how to invest in the market to make money in smart manner.

One of the strategies that you may adapt is to the hedging strategy which is a bit more risky than some of the other ones but can guarantee you with better benefits if you are sensible while buying and selling the stocks. Here are some of the hedging strategies that you may get to follow while investing in the stock markets:

Long/short equity:

This strategy is fairly simple to implement but you need to have a look different players and bid on them in the long/short pairing. It will guarantee you with at least some kind of profit when you are looking to invest.

You all know very well that when one of the companies will have a rise in stock, the other one in the same field may have a fall, thus you are not losing big on a cumulative basis. But at the same time, this type of strategy not guarantees you with lower benefits but the risks are lower. Most of the starters in the share market make use of this type of Hedge Fund Strategies as they are not that aware of the market trends and thus are reluctant to put their money at risk.

Global macro:

This is the most risky strategy as you tend to invest in the global market and it is quite tough to analyze the trends of the global market. The basic rule here is to invest in different types of markets with different returns and benefits and thus they are also quite unpredictable.

They generally result in the blow-ups but at the same time also give you with the highest leverage and thus can be a good prospect when you are ready to take the risks in the stock market.

Convertible arbitrage strategy:

This is another smart hedging strategy that you can take up when you are fairly new in the market and are reluctant to adopt global macro strategy. In this strategy, you need to follow in both the convertible stocks and the shares as well.

When you invest in the convertible stock, you always have the option to convert to the stock when the shares are on a high in the market and thus can make the best in class benefits by putting your money in the market.

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