TS3 Bot: A Powerful Communication Tool for Online Gamers

Posted by Carla Bruni on February 8th, 2017

TS3 or TeamSpeak 3 is an advanced version of TS Bot and voice-over-Internet Protocol software for gamers. Developed on the architecture of client-server; this communication tool can handle thousands of real-time users.

A majority of online gamers use this tool to communicate with other players on the same team of a multiplayer game. The reason that makes TS3 Bot a must have tool is the way it allows gamers to play collaboratively to face online game challenges.

Being open-source and cross-platform software, it gives gamers great customization options to set preferences in the software as per their usage.

These post further talks about features of TS3 Bot. Read on!

Easy to Customize

TS3 Bot is designed by keeping gamers’ needs in mind. It offers you great power to customize options as per your usage. You can personalize the look and feel by altering themes, sound packs, and designs. Additionally, you can also use add-ons contributed by the community.

Premium Voice Quality

Powered with Opus audio codec, TS3 Bot delivers crystal clear voice quality as compared to its earlier version. Further, the new version comes with automatic mic volume adjustment, background noise reduction, and echo cancellation to offer crisp communication. No wonder why TS3 Bot has become a prime communication tool for gamers.

Great Scope for Expansion

As mentioned, new TS3 Bot is created on client-server architecture. You can use this software from small group to large online conference with hundreds of real-time active participants. Awesome, isn’t?

Mobile Support

As we all know, it is the mobile world! The best part about TS3 Bot is it made staying connected with server easier than ever by allowing gamers to access it through their Android and iOS devices.

Awesome Controlling 

The new version provides fantastic controlling. It uses powerful permission system that lets you decide who can talk, join the conversation, remove users, and more.

High Security 

TS3 Bot uses AES encryption that can enable depending upon your preferences either for the entire server or particular channels. In addition to it, this advanced communication tool uses public-private key authentication to prevent threats arise due to weak usernames and passwords. Unlike TS Bot, it offers phenomenal security.

Flawless File Transfer

One big reason that makes Teamspeak 3 server popular among gamers’ community is its feature of file transfer. The software provides faultless data transfer which gives players great experience by allowing them to share and download files stored on the server.

Over to You

The points as explained above shows why online gamers prefer TS3 Bot the most as their communication tool.

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