Some players against this idea of Nex: Angel of Death

Posted by CheriseSu on February 8th, 2017

It's confirmed that Nex: Angel of Death will be released in RS at the end of January. According to Ramen who works in Jagex team, there will be role specific loots and personal loots in Nex 2.0 but no enrage feature. Follow us to know more information about the upcoming Nex: Angel of Death.

Some players against this idea of Nex: Angel of Death
This idea proposed depending on how many roles the fight has and how many players the fight is intended for. Even though the difficulty supposedly scales with the amount of players fighting Nex, some players still imagine the devs intended for average teams to be around a certain size. There will most likely be players left behind without a role resulting in them receiving less loot.

It's may hard to make it balance
It's a tough one to balance but Jagex really wants to get this right. The pet roll will not be dependent on wether or not you have done a role or not as that was a major flaw with Vorago. Actually, the whole people being forced to DPS because the people that want Vit are doing the roles to get it.

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All in all, you should make full preparations for the Nex: Angel of Death which will be one of the most strongest bosses in game. Meanwhile, you can buy cheap runescape gold with exclusive 6% off code "NEAR6" on RS Gold. Best Wishes!

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