Accentuate Your Fashion Statement With Exquisitely Designed Twisted Ribbon Cuff

Posted by jeaniquejewelry on February 8th, 2017

The bracelet is one of the world’s most popular jewelry items and has been in use for thousands of years. According to most historians, the bracelet originated in ancient Egypt around 5000 B.C. But its name actually comes from a Greek word, ‘brachile’ which means ‘of the arm’. These ornaments are nothing like the bracelets we know today. The earliest examples were made of bones, shells, and rocks. The Egyptians took the art of jewelry making to another level. They began with primitive materials like woods and stones, but later incorporated precious metals. Their single most popular symbol was the scarab beetle, which represented rebirth and reincarnation. Scarab beetle bracelets can be found in most museums that contain Egyptian artifacts. They are commonly wrapped in linens with their mummified owners and are now considered priceless.

The elites of Egyptian society had a special affinity for certain types of bracelets. Charm bracelets, for instance, were thought to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. When made with gold and precious stones, these accessories served as early status symbols for wealthy people who had passed into the afterlife. Many well-to-do Egyptians were interred or entombed with their most expensive bracelets and jewelry.

Today, bracelets are popularly worn by people from all over the world to make a unique fashion statement. Flirty or sophisticated, simple or over-the-top charming, you can choose one or more to complement your attire. Versatile in their ability to add appeal to any outfit, bracelets are a must-have in every woman’s jewelry box. If simplicity is your style, there is still no reason to go for a boring bracelet. The colorful twisted ribbon bracelets are a dazzling adornment for your wrist. It comes in various lengths for the perfect fit. Especially the twisted ribbon cuff bracelets are perfect as you can wear them anywhere with any outfit. Bracelets are available in a wide variety of style and materials and can complement any ensemble.

No matter what style of clothing you wear or what the occasion is, there is always a bracelet to complement your outfit. Today, a woman’s fashion statement is about her!  So your bracelet wardrobe can be what you are. Wear a dainty gem set bracelet or an armful of chunky ribbon bracelets, which is very much in fashion. Your fashion statement is about who you are, so feel free to be yourself!

Author’s Bio: Author is an online blogger. This article is about fashion bracelets such as colorful twisted ribbon bracelets and twisted ribbon cuff bracelets.

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