Market Research on Taurine Market 2017 and Analysis to 2027

Posted by Pradnya on February 9th, 2017

Taurine also known as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid is an amino acid present in most of the mammalian tissues and cells having high concentrations in tissues. Taurine is an organic compound having properties like antioxidant, detoxifier, bile acids and membrane stabilizer. Taurine is named after bull/ ox as it was isolated from ox bile first. Taurine is useful in cardiovascular function, development of skeletal muscle, cranial nervous system and retina. Taurine is derived from amino acid with thiol group known as cysteine. Taurine is obtained naturally from meat and fish. Daily intake of taurine is restricted to 500-2000mg to avoid the complications such as rise in blood pressure to strokes and seizures to heart disease. Taurine have different applications in industries like cosmetic industry, healthcare industry and food industry

Market Segmentation:

Taurine market is segmented on the basis of application in different industries such as food industry, cosmetic industry etc. Taurine is mainly used in energy drinks like Red Bull which in turn supports neurological development and helps regulation of water and mineral levels in the body. Taurine combined with caffeine is helpful in improving mental performance. In cosmetic industry taurine can be used in products like shampoo and skin care products for anti-aging and reduce fine lines, wrinkles etc. Taurine can be used in toothpaste and mouthwash to give consumers an energy boost. Taurine also be used as supplement in bodybuilding as it increases alertness, strengthens heart, reduces blood pressure and helps prevent dehydration.

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Taurine market is further segmented on the basis of regions as North America, Middle East and Africa, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan and Japan.

Market Regional Outlook:

On the basis of regions, the Taurine market has been segmented into North America, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific region and Japan. China is a leading manufacturer of taurine with more than 40 manufacturers in the country contributing to the maximum production of taurine globally. Countries like China, India and Brazil etc. are creating more opportunities for the Taurine market due to fast growing chemical industries.

Market Drivers and Trends:

The trends towards energy drinks is increasing globally which is driving global energy drinks market. Taurine is used in energy drinks to boost the physical activity, body building etc. Consumption of Energy drinks such as Red Bull which contains taurine is increasing trend in many developed as well as developing countries which is driving taurine market. Cosmetic industry is also rising due to awareness of healthy skin, taurine is used in some of the cosmetic products which helps in energizing the skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. As a result of health awareness trend of body building and fitness is also increasing, which is also driving the taurine market as it is also used in different health supplements. Use of taurine in in health benefits such as cardiovascular health, hydration etc. helps in driving the taurine global market due to demand of taurine in different food as well as pharmaceutical market.

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Taurine Market Key Players:

Some of the key players in the Taurine market include Qianjiang Yongan Pharmaceutical Co. ltd., The Honjo Chemical Corporation, Fuchi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Jiangyin Huachang Food Additive Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Yuanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Qingdao Aufeng International Company Limited, Hangzhou FST pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shandong Fangming Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Shayang Tianyi Medicine Industry Co. Ltd., Tycoon (China) Company Limited etc. are among these.

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