How to Recognize and Reward Employee

Posted by Martin Emily on February 9th, 2017

Every employee working at your workplace – from a simple technician to a richly experienced manager expects you to recognize his/her work and appreciate the efforts he/she puts in day after day for the success of your business. Employee recognition and rewarding is a process through which employers or business owners make a conscious effort to reward your employees not just to acknowledge their work but also to motivate them to continue with the same passion.

It creates a better impression of your organization for those outside of it. It aids in recruitment and gives potential employees something to be excited about. It encourages “extra effort” among your employees. It provides data to aid in personnel development and staffing decisions. It builds teamwork and employee cohesiveness.

Every company needs a strategic reward system for employees that addresses these four areas: compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation. The problem with reward systems in many businesses today is twofold: They're missing one or more of these elements (usually recognition and/or appreciation), and the elements that are addressed aren't properly aligned with the company's other corporate strategies

.Here are some instructions for companies to recoganize and reward employee:

 STEP 1: Identify the Goal of Your Recognition Program

STEP 2: Establish a Budget

STEP 3: Set a Committee

STEP 4: Set criteria and guidelines

STEP 5: Select the rewards

STEP 6: Communicate with Your Employees

STEP 7: Maintain and Repeat Recognition Program

The key to running a successful recognition program at your workplace is to make sure it runs continuously and keeps adding more creative awarding ideas to maintain the fun element and interest among the workforce. You must make sure that you define the frequency of the rewards, for example – weekly, monthly or yearly, etc. Also, ask the recognition committee to keep changing the criteria and technique of selecting candidates and awarding them every now and then so that employees look forward to performing better through each cycle. Only when the program will run for a long time will it become truly a part of the corporate culture

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